Be the First, Nevada

A Physician's Emotional Plea for Leadership to Recommend Early COVID-19 Treatment

The following is a letter written by Dr. Arezo Fathie—an Internal Medicine physician from Nevada— to Tim Robb, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s COVID-19 Response Strategist. Dr. Fathie is also a member of the FLCCC’s Alliance Associates.

Earlier this year, Dr. Fathie pleaded for public health officials to step forward and embrace early treatment for COVID-19 to avoid hospitalizations and death—but that plea, like so many others, fell on deaf ears. She believes that the world medical community that keeps waiting and asking for more studies on the efficacy of ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19 is a kind of “intellectual starvation” that is killing people by the thousands. “Doing nothing is doing harm,” she says.

(Video of Dr. Fathie pleading for the recommendation of efficacious early treatment is here. Scroll to the 12th video on the page.)

Here is Dr. Fathie’s letter:


Dear Tim Robb, 

Thank you for speaking with me about the use of Ivermectin and the treatment protocols for acute illness with Covid.

As I described to you in our conversation, I have been a physician in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1998 and have been practicing both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in my private practice since 2001.  I grew up in Nevada and graduated from Bonanza High School. I have an investment in Nevada and love this State.  Many of my best friends and colleagues are well known and active in Nevada Government affairs and can vouch for my integrity. I can supply you with those names if requested.  I can provide my CV if requested as well. 

When the Covid pandemic began, initially around 4/2020,  I looked towards the medical leadership for emerging treatment protocols actively scanning medical literature for guidance. I soon found out that the guidance by the NIH, WHO, AMA, FDA, local hospitals, medical clinics and others fell short of answers. I realized there was no leadership.

Many people, I later found, were collapsing, and dying in their homes as they were following the inadequate advice of an urgent care or a hospital. I realized that many of my patients were presenting to the Urgent Care or ER and were being told to "go home and if you get worse and your oxygen level is below 90% come back".

Patient after patient called me with this history and were desperate for care. Many of them were gasping for breath and their oxygen levels were desaturating to serious levels.

The patients who ended up in the hospital before they reached out to me, were dying in the hospital of covid pneumonia or from complications of covid like massive blood clots.  

I continued my search for early treatment options and a prominent doctor in this community sent me a link about the organization which uses IVERMECTIN as a core component of the treatment protocol. I found the data intriguing and convincing. I watched the testimony of Dr. Kory in the US Senate and I read about the safety of ivermectin.  

I had used this drug over the years, too, for many other conditions with good success and without complication.

So, I began treating my patients cautiously with ivermectin and found almost immediate success with my patients regardless of how sick they were. I tirelessly checked on them day and night and followed their progress carefully. Since around 11/2020, I have now treated hundreds of Covid patients and ALL of them have survived.  

For patients who ended up in the Las Vegas hospitals who are recommending against Ivermectin, ONLY those who were ABLE to get Ivermectin before going to the hospital survived. In many cases, I asked those patients to delay their admission to the hospital until after they could get the initial doses of Ivermectin into them and then allowed them to go to the hospital for additional care such as Oxygen therapy, CXR imaging, and support.  ALL of those patients survived despite presenting to me in a late stage of Covid with advanced Covid pneumonia.  

In addition to following the protocol, I have customized care individually adding either methylprednisolone or prednisone in some cases, montelukast, and either azithromycin or doxycycline. The rational for using these medications is well documented on the website.  I have advised them to take all the supplements listed,  including but not limited to,  aspirin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, and zinc. 

I have also found the use of Monoclonal Antibodies has made a significant difference for patients with higher risk conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, or immunosuppression. However, keep in mind that this option came to me much later in my search for treatment options and was only allowed to be given to certain patients.

So, what I am saying is that the implementation of the protocol alone has SAVED my patients lives predominantly.  

With this protocol, NONE of my patients have experienced any serious complications or side effects from the Ivermectin or any of the other medications being used in the protocol. Ivermectin is completely safe. The EARLIER it is initiated, the faster the patient recovers. 

A 91-year-old in a nursing home tested positive for Covid and the same day Ivermectin was initiated. She never experienced any symptoms of Covid and is fine today. While another 91-year-old tested positive for Covid and received nothing —despite my advocacy for her as she was not under my care. She died after 2 weeks of respiratory distress and misery. Why???? How many cases like this have we seen? Too many.  

I have reached out to the Governor's office months ago with several emails and I got no response. The reason I am continuing to reach out is because so many patients have died unnecessarily when this early outpatient treatment option exists. So many more will die unless we remove the "misinformation" out there about Ivermectin.  There is a concerted effort by many parties who have financial incentives to flood the world of this "misinformaiton".  This is unprecedented and astonishing.  Valid life-saving information is being suppressed by media/social media and is being taken down because of algorithms tagging the word "Ivermectin." 

Recently, the pharmacies have become more and more difficult to deal with. They are denying my prescriptions for Ivermectin and refusing to fill them. This is intolerable and if this continues, I will not be able to save my patients’ lives.  A carpenter cannot build a house without a hammer, and I cannot save lives of patients with early to advanced Covid without Ivermectin. I will not stand for this.  As a licensed physician, I have a right to prescribe medications "off label" and safe medications which will allow my patients to heal quickly and efficiently. Please do not block the use of Ivermectin as was done with Hydroxychloroquine.  Get the facts straight from a real doctor.  I have NOTHING to gain other than my patient's wellness. 

This medication and the FLCCC protocols are now being used in India, Japan, Mexico, and many many other countries shown on the world map on the website. Please review that. Covid cases are coming down in those countries. Please open your hearts and hear your conscience— not the noise around you. 

I am first and foremost a doctor and I abide to the Hippocratic Oath to DO NO HARM. Doing NOTHING for these patients DOES HARM. I am in the trenches with these patients, I have no financial gain or interest in financial gain. I have so much confidence that using this protocol will help end the dying and the suffering of thousands of lives. I am willing to train and teach every doctor in this state or country on how I have treated my patients. My patients will testify to how they recovered.  Many of my colleagues with whom I have shared this information will testify to the benefits of this protocol.  This is about saving lives. 

This is NOT about vaccines because whether you are vaccinated or not, you can still get Covid and you still need treatment.  Even now, many vaccinated and unvaccinated patients are dying from Covid. This drug is not a competition or a replacement for vaccines. 

Everyone involved in making decisions regarding the use of these early outpatient treatment protocols such as put forth by the have a personal obligation and responsibility to do the right thing and expose the injustice here. The State of Nevada and the people of Nevada do not need to abide by treatment guidelines that are not based on facts and science. Read the website which is created by some of the best ICU specialists in the world.  

The State of Nevada and its leadership should stand up and do the following: 

I am asking Nevada to "Be the First".  Be the leadership we all need. 

-Mandate and approve the use of Ivermectin within the guidelines of the protocols in the hospitals and nursing homes.  

-Mandate hospital and clinic transparency and allow patients the Right to Try the protocol as early as they can once they get Covid. 

-Mandate that the pharmacies STOP blocking the filling of Ivermectin by licensed providers. Let doctors be doctors. 

-Provide statewide training to the pharmacists, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, administrators, and ancillary staff. 

-Increase the distribution and supply of human forms of Ivermectin into the state of Nevada so that people will not try the "animal" versions of the drug.

-Give leadership and guidance to other States as we begin to the see results in our State. Set an example for the country.

Please share this with Governor Sisolak and your Covid management team. I am available and will gladly assist in the goals set forth above. I will do anything to save lives. I am governed by my conscience in doing the right thing by science. 

Please note that I will be sending you additional supporting information in another email. 

Arezo Maria Fathie, M.D.
Generations Medical Center


A Summary of the Totality of Evidence for Ivermectin

News story about the vilification of Ivermectin:

Safety of Ivermectin

Standard doses of ivermectin (0.2 mg/kg x 1–2 days) have a nearly unparalleled safety profile historically among medicines as evidenced by the following findings:

  • WHO Guidelines for Scabies: “the majority of side effects are minor and transient”

  • Prof Jacques Descotes, Toxicologist, Expert on Safety of Ivermectin: “severe adverse events are unequivocally and exceedingly rare”

  • LiverTox Database: Not considered toxic to the liver

  • Nephrotox Database- Not considered toxic to the kidney

  • PneumoTox: Not considered toxic to the lungs

    Safety of High Dose Ivermectin

    In COVID-19, particularly in regard to the emerging variants of concern, viral loads are higher and viral replication is thought to be prolonged. Given that ivermectin has demonstrated a strong dose-response relationship in terms of viral clearance, higher doses have not only been required, but have demonstrated clinical efficacy. Below are hyperlinked references to numerous studies demonstrating the wide safety profile of high dose ivermectin in COVID and other diseases

    COVID-19 Studies

  1. Randomized controlled trial of ivermectin in COVID using 0.6mg/kg x 5 days reported no differences in side effects.

  2. A report by the State Health Minister on 3,000 patients in La Pampa, Argentina who were part of a “test and treat” program were given 0.6 mg/kg daily for 5 days. Liver function tests and significant side effects were closely monitored and none were reported.

  3. A report by the Health Minister in Misiones, Argentina, also using 0.6 mg/kg for 5 days with no significant adverse events reported.

Malaria Studies

  1. Safety trial of patients with malaria given 0.3, 0.6, and 1.2 mg/kg daily of ivermectin for 7 days was well tolerated with no adverse events

  2. Study of “Efficacy and Safety of High dose ivermectin for Reducing Malaria Transmission” compared 0, 0.3 and 0.6 mg/kg for 3 days and found no differences in side effects.

Healthy Volunteers

1) Report of a group of healthy adult subjects given up to 10 x standard dose, either 2-4 x the standard dose three times a week or 6–10x standard dose once and found the doses generally well tolerated

Systematic Reviews

  1. A systematic review and meta-analysis of high dose ivermectin found no difference in side effects between dose of up to 0.4 mg/kg and higher doses (up to 0.8 mg/kg doses every 3 months.

  2.  A comprehensive review of 350 articles by the famous French toxicologist Jacques Descotes was presented in early 2021. In this document, he states,

    1. “Based on all the data presented above, the author of this report believes it is fair to say that ivermectin did not directly induce an excess of deaths in treated groups of human subjects. Statements, past or present, that ivermectin can kill patients, are therefore considered to be misleading as they do not take into account all the medical information that has been accumulated over the last decades.“

    2. “Only very few cases of accidental human overdose have been reported despite the wide availability of ivermectin as a veterinary and human medicine [Hall et al., 1985;Graeme et al., 2000; Deraemecker et al., 2014; Goossens et al., 2014]. Usually, moderate neurotoxic manifestations with rapid recovery after unspecific supportive measures were the predominating course of events. No accidental overdose including in infants and young children had a lethal outcome.”

Case Series

1) A case series of 3 children with relapsed leukemia treated with high dose (1.0 mg/kg) ivermectin daily for between 2 weeks and 6 months reported no significant adverse events.

FLCCC Alliance September 15, 2021