Just eat healthy food, exercise well, sleep 7 hours, keep weight at a healthy level and get enough vitamin D from the outdoors and you won't need supplements!

There's no amount of back-tracking that will repair the distrust in the 'Establishment' we've experienced since Covid 19 was designed and released late in 2019! No AMNESTY - just severe retribution.

Is the useless but sometimes DEADLY Covid injection destroying natural human health defences, making those that believed the injection was "SAFE AND EFFECTIVE" more liable to illness, casualties or death? Are we just collateral damage for those that mean us harm by total slavery and control?

The most egregious WHO act of Power Grabbing of every nation's sovereignty is on thev way!

The World Health Organisation trying to dominate our freedom of choice regarding health, mandated invasive medical treatment. Ultimately = Dictating Slavery by induced addiction to unnecessary but profit-making invasive medicines.

Bill Gates now 'owns' the WHO because he's the biggest benefactor (= INFLUENCER) to the now corrupt organisation. The WHO must be terminated as it's dubious control activity goes beyond recognition and common sense!

Bill Gates wants to dictate the need for more injections (Vaccines). He states "Vaccines are the most lucrative investment I ever made". He's also conscious that the planet is vastly over-populated. So join the dots and be very scared!

Big Pharma Vax maker’s avoidance of ‘LIABILITY’ for ‘POST VAX DEATHS’ is simply plain stupid and dangerous, unless I’m missing something??? It's now being used without consequence as their 'LICENCE TO KILL'.

The ‘TEMPORARY concession’ for avoiding all LIABILITY was issued for a previous failed Vax disaster = Swine Flu, way back in 1976. 'Temporary' equates in Big Pharma parlance to forever = 46 years and counting.

After 50+ US citizens died Big Pharma Vax maker’s ‘LIABILITY’ for ‘POST VAX DEATHS’ is plain Common Sense! Unless I’m missing something???

So why is the POST Covid VAX DEATH TOLL running out of control with MILLIONs of POST VAX DEATHS World wide?


Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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NAC can act as a flu prophylaxis (in older people) - prevents symptoms, not infection. The older people still got the flu, but 75% of them (79% placebo symptomatic, vs 25% NAC symptomatic) didn't know they had it.


"N-acetylcysteine did not prevent A/H1N1 virus influenza infection but significantly reduced the incidence of clinically apparent disease."

Glutathione synthesis declines as we age. NAC + glycine (in this study) addressed this issue.


Did not know about anti-cancer properties!

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Fun fact! We learned about NAC from Dr. Angie Farella during a short interview a while back. She mentioned NAC quickly, in passing, and in retrospect seemed somewhat fearful that providing more details about NAC would result in loss of supply.

We started taking NAC shortly after that interview, along with the other supplements you mentioned + Vitamin D + exercise + careful diet. So far, we’ve stayed ridiculously healthy (following pre-NAC bouts with VERY bad Covid in Jan 2020 and not-so-bad Covid in Feb 2022).

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NAC is available on Amazon again, for anyone who had to find new sources when the FDA made them take it down. (I whooped with joy when I found it on there again. Amazon isn't the best company by a long shot, but it does make curious things such a wide range supplements more available to more people.)

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Excellent information! NAC taken with Sarcosine helps with Schizophrenia as well.

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BravoMerry Christmas and a Spectacular New &ear🌎🕊❤️🍭🍫🌞🌻🙏🎅

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Excellent content! I’ve taken NAC for years, since learning about it in my Functional Nutrition Studies. One of my daughters recently tried to get some in New York City at a Walgreens, and they told her it was a prescription medication!

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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022

Watch out for the gel caps, they are putting Nanotech in them. There has also been Nanotech found in baking soda and other common food items. Clouds are likely being seeded with nanotech. So...we need to look, here is how to see it with optical microscopes discussion https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/1.4900484 nanos +5g = ded people

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I am so glad to see Dr. Turner's comments on NAC. I'd like to add to them. This ties into Dr. Mumper's slides on last Wednesday's webcast too, and Dr. Kory's comments on glutathione. (I have been reading nutrition since 1970 and have been using virtually every nutritional supplement she mentioned.)

When I take NAC as Dr. Robert Atkins recommended in his book Vita-Nutrient Solution, I get a subtle increase in heat that lasts for hours. His top recommendation for generating glutathione was to divide the following into three equal portions taken near meals: 3,000 mg. NAC, 300 mcg selenium, 300 mg lipoid acid, 100 mg. riboflavin, 200 mg. pyridoxine, and 3,000 mg L-glutamine. I know it works for me because I have a north EurAsian gene that is called "inefficient;" it produces more bodily heat when generating energy, very efficient in fact in cold climates. Pantothenic acid also makes me warmer; so does NADH (more on this a bit later); all do so in their roles generating energy.

Dr. Mumper said that when NAC smells bad, it means it has been oxidized and should be avoided. I have long thought the same thing and shun sulfuric-smelling NAC pills; can't stomach them anyway.

I note in the comments that some people have problems with NAC. Perhaps it's a problem with the other ingredients or it is oxidized, so switching brands might help. Or their own biochemistry doesn't like it, or a low dose is sufficient.

Dr. Kory expressed the widespread opinion that GSH can't be absorbed when taken as an oral supplement. However:

Dr. Harry Demopoulos patented a stabilized form of GSH in the mid 1990s and I learned about it when Dr. Robert Atkins interviewed him in his radio show. I know it worked for me because about an hour after taking one of Dr. Demopoulos's GSH pills, I got a strong surge of heat energy.

His pills were individually blister wrapped with nitrogen in the capsule. If memory serves, it had vitamin C too. I can't find his product today, but the company Bio-Chemical GSH sells a book co-authored by Dr. Demopoulos, and it sells GSH with vitamin C in individual wrappers which it says are filled with nitrogen; it is quite expensive.

Setria makes a GSH that it says has been shown to raise relevant markers in blood tests. Several brands market it.

Saving the best for last, NADH recycles GSH (and other anti-oxidants), and it works somewhat like an enzyme, for NADH and NAD+ cycle repeatedly in the body. I get about five hours of heat energy starting about five hours after taking it, just as Dr. Birkmayer said on Dr. Atkins' radio show. That was as a pill to be taken on an empty stomach. It is now sold as a sublingual lozenge, usually under the brand name Enada. I get NADH in Swanson's brand.

If any of this is new to you or otherwise of interest, I suggest you check out the Health section, especially my very broad and deep A Fuller View of Natural Anti-Infectives, in my substack, The Menelaus Gambit (Seeing Beneath the Illusions).


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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 21, 2022

Yes, NAC works for our family. Bought months of it when saw FDA trying to make it off limits. Anything they aggressively try make off limits compels me to take a thorough, analytical review of it - because it flags it as legislate cure of something, these days.

After seeing a smiling Cheshire Cat photo of Fraudci with Bill Gates of Hell Senior, I truly wonder if these eugenicists have been convertly running their adult culling programs of old, using the government cloak of health “care”. Gates Snr remarked he was in awe of how Rothschilds architected a “caring marketing campaign” and tax shelter structure for his “public face” while making millions behind the scenes diverting funds from one box to another. Notice Gates Jnr is using the exact same framework.

Their murderous abortion program of innocent, helpless babies has continued to convert nicely from openly eugenist to nicely rebranded name, however wouldn’t it be so clever to extend that with vaccines and culling protocols in hospitals for adults too.

And now as we hear Trudeu and gang are promoting euthanasia in Canadian programs - a caring, “just kill yourself “ to save us money program . I listened to a health minister mention offfering it to the poor, and the depressed, and of course the old useless sick class.

It’s disgusting and inhumane that these sociopaths are running the show. I remember a day when medical ethics meant something. Why are we allowing these monsters to pervert justice and downgrade humanity to subhuman animals ripe for slaughter.

My mind has has been enlightened these past years of lock down, and my soul is deeply saddened and disappointed .

I am no longer naive about the evils that run most of our agencies -

even though many folk who work a few layers down are decent and unaware of their devious schemes. At the end of the day, I avoid doctors and hospitals at all costs now.

Decent, trustworthy, ethical doctors like Marik, Kory, Mc cullough and others need to create multi-state private hospitals, and private medical plan that is NOT Gov funded, therefore free of their mandates - millions of us would support that! OR we need a complete OVERHAUL of the present leadership in every sector of this country.

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Can products like nattokinase and NAC be taken together, since they both should be taken away from food in order to be most effective? Or will they impede each other's effectiveness if taken together, away from food?

I currently take nattokinase twice a day as an alternative to aspirin and statins. Hence the question.

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Anyone know what the "N" in N-Acetyl Cysteine stands for?

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I grow much of our veg & some fruit grown in our garden. It's 1/2 an acre of ex-farmland so in pristine condition. I add well rotted cow & horse dung to give the soil (which I originally dredged from a very old pond when we converted our barn into a dwelling). So I'm sure the soil is 'extra rich' in nutriment that provides us with wonderful produce.

I don't believe in 'Supplements' if you can get the basics naturally.

I'm 77 and retired from playing soccer twice each week when I reached 60. I retired from work at 57!

Perhaps I'm lucky but each to his/her own.

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Thanks 'Kitten'! I'm aware of some of the 'flankers' Big Pharma enjoy in order to avoid safety and efficacy issues. Including links with Bio-Warfare technologies that apply to virus experimentation, modification and 'Gain of Function' experiments that increase the potential impact of viruses and other illnesses on human beings, but it's too much to include all elements of deceit within my comments! Thanks for questioning the 'omissions'! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and looking for Schwab!

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I know this is a pretty old post, but if anyone is still monitoring the feed...

Any thoughts on powder versions verses pills/capsules??

Thanks for the work you are doing!!

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I had an anaphylactic reaction years ago to guaifenesin, the common expectorant. Now I'm fighting walking pneumonia with NAC. It is really a very effective expectorant at 1200-1800 mg/day. I was relying on peppermint tea and ginger tea until I discovered this article and the NAC is so much more effective. Thank you!

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