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AND.. the MOST WONDERFUL THING ABOUT THIS IS.......... The FLCCC accomplished this through constructive dialogue and engagement directly with the powers that be. Way to GO!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!.. and All Doctors should want "Informed Consent" to protect themselves anyway!

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Great news!!! Anyone other than Dr's should not be giving patients medical advice.

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Let the arrest begin for murder. Media, Politicians, Gates, Soros, Klaus, Fauxci, Drs, DA all culpable in this.

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If doctors want to be freed up, they need to dump the AMA, which is an arm of the Rockefeller Foundation, one of THE MOST evil entities in existence. Doctors need to unite and form their own accreditation, that allows doctors to heal, instead of treat. Today, doctors kill more people every year than anything else... only they can fix that.

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This is great progress! Bravo and Thank You!!

But is she going to be sending out a retraction letter? The damage has been done in instilling valid fear in these doctors of a potential lawsuit and monetary penalties. A retraction is absolutely warranted and needed in order to give these doctors secure peace of mind. Ideally a news briefing as well. Please keep pushing!!

Most Pharmacies in NY also refuse to prescribe under command of the NY pharmacy board I believe.

It’s beyond ironic that Dr. Kory has led the way in Covid treatment in NYC at the advent of this epidemic. Only to be scorned and dismissed as we are all too painfully aware.

This progress is tremendous, better late than never, the virus is not going away. Early Covid Treatment is Key to preventing long Covid and worse.

Thank you again so much with all my heart and those of thousands of others for your commitment, perseverance under the cruelest of conditions, and extreme sacrifices that you and your team have made in order to bring the Truth and save lives! You are our Supermen and Women! May you be shielded with the breastplate of Truth!

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Excellent work, team! Thank you for all that you do!

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Next NY move could be to not interfere with patient/doctor jab decisions?????

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Abso-frigging-lutely awesome, keep on doctoring the old fashioned way, ethically!! <3

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AG- DO NOT attempt to practice medicine without a license.

I wonder if you could be taken to court!

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From http://www.preearth.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1184

The data keeps on getting worse and worse. If you are between 18 and 80 years of age, and fully-vaccinated, then you are more than three times as likely to catch Covid-19 as someone who is not vaccinated.

column 1 = "age group"

<18 894 1,062

18-29 2,178 722

30-39 2,501 723

40-49 2,241 642

50-59 1,703 496

60-69 1,340 370

70-79 972 356

≥80 1,055 549

column 2 = "cases of covid-19 per 100,000 fully-vaccinated"

column 3 = "cases of covid-19 per 100,000 unvaccinated"

The data is from Table 13 of week 10 of the British NHS Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report.

It covers the period 13 Feb to 6 Mar, 2022.

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Not exactly a retraction or apology but certainly a step in the right direction. Baby Steps

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The AG must finally be getting scared that she may need a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin for her… since it’s now a little difficult even for the quadruple vaxed to continue buying into the talking points while the truth is becoming more obvious with each passing day. I hope the AG and others will wake up and realize that we all need to love each other and protect medical freedom and free speech so that as doctors discover and learn more, we can help heal everyone.

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SEVENCELLS.COM has been a leader for healthcare in this pandemic. They make things easy! Check it Out!

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Good, guess she's too busy trying to frame President Trump.

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FLCCC and all the Medical Freedom fighters like Dr. Mobeen, Dr. Malone, Dr. Merik, and so many and the We appreciate you. We donate and support all. So excited about the Meet in Cali palooza. Wish I could go...but donation prevails. MOST WONDERFUL. We follow FLCCC protocol since the beginning and many blessing to Dr. Kory and all....we are healthy and I even needed kidney stone removal. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

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From http://www.preearth.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1184

Week 3, 2022, of the surveillance report introduces an amazingly blatant fraud. Here, manipulation of the data presented in Table 11(b) reduces the number of covid-19 deaths reported among vaccinated individuals by a minimum of 48%. The fraud is effected by splitting the reported deaths into two groups, and simply ignoring the deaths in one group.

In the age group 18-29 the fraud reduces 9 deaths to 1 death (a 89% reduction in deaths)

In the age group 30-39 the fraud reduces 40 deaths to 6 deaths (a 85% reduction in deaths)

In the age group 40-49 the fraud reduces 59 deaths to 11 deaths (a 81% reduction in deaths)

In the age group 50-59 the fraud reduces 186 deaths to 44 deaths (a 76% reduction in deaths)

In the age group 60-69 the fraud reduces 418 deaths to 140 deaths (a 67% reduction in deaths)

In the age group 70-79 the fraud reduces 751 deaths to 325 deaths (a 57% reduction in deaths)

In the age group ≥80 the fraud reduces 1882 deaths to 982 deaths (a 48% reduction in deaths)

Previous to Week 3 the last column of Table 11(b)..........

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