"pushing back in alberta"

thank you very much Meryl, for navigating us through these dark choppy waters over the last year

but luckily, up ahead we can see clearer waters on the horizon

we continue to "kick ass" in alberta - home of canada's freedom convoy

big win in the provincial courthouse recently

attorneys Rath amd Leighton give you a blow by blow description of the unprecedented legal ruling in attached video

editor note: begin viewing attached at third minute -3:00

please let us know should you have difficulty opening the link


july 31st, social media announcement

The BIGGEST , most AWESOME news for FREEDOM!
They did it! They showed that our rights and freedoms were violated, and the court ruled in favour of our Charter Rights. WOW!
Chris & Kerry with lawyers Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath about their landmark case in which the Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s Health (CMOH) Orders were ruled unconstitutional and illegal. And the implications of the ruling going forward.
July 31, 2023

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Which brand we shoukd Buy ?

There are so many brands

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Excellent article apart from the nonsense about cholesterol. Citing Michael Greger, Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn is very unhelpful.

Read "The Clot Thickens" by Dr Malcolm Kendrick if you want to learn about heart disease.

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Natto is a great food to consume for all the reasons stated. However, PLEASE be careful if you have a tick borne disease. Lyme and Babesia being the top two. The Lyme bacteria and the Babesia parasites form biofilms or nests to protect themselves from antibiotics and anti-parasitics and of course, the immune system trying to get at them. Natto and Lumbrokinease are recommended treatments by educated LLMD's (Lyme literal medical doctors) as they break down the biofilms/nests. But when they do, the bugs are released into the bloodstream and you can feel much worse for a period of time (a herxheimer reaction). If you're not treating properly with good binders, you can feel really shitty. In the long run, it's good to get at the colonies but know that you may have a strong reaction. If you do feel worse and haven't been diagnosed with these infections, that might be a clue to get tested.

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Greetings Dr. Antohi - I recommend Ortho Molecular Nattokinase. Great company, great sourcing, great labs done on all batches of product checking for heavy metals etc.: https://shop.michaelturnermd.com/collections/supplements/products/nattokinase

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Please check out Dr. Peter McCullough’s Substack or website, for a in-depth review of nattokinase, or read the links provided in this article.

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Oct 30, 2023·edited Oct 30, 2023

What about Lumbrokinase? I thought it was everything Nattokinase is but "better."

*edit* - see here, for example, https://www.onedaymd.com/2022/12/lumbrokinase-vs-nattokinase-vs.html

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I take 200 mcg of vitamin K2 as MK-7 everyday because it helps my body move calcium out of my blood and into my bones instead of into my bladders. This is exactly what

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life by Kate Rheaume-Bleue said it would do.

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How can it be so selective?

Is it also scavenging any of the good stuff in our blood?

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Give us a practical protocol to follow. How much how often etc.

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Interesting....is it in pill form or how is it consumed? Thank you!

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I’ve heard Dr Judy Mikovits describe nattokinase as bad but nattokin as good. Who to believe?

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Proteolytic enzymes (such as Bromelain, Papain, Pancreatin, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Serratiopeptidase,

Nattokinase, Lipase, Amylase, Protease) also help overcome the effects of arthritis according to the work of Dr Max Wolf and his son Erich.

They help combat:

Inflammation: Proteolytic enzymes can help to reduce inflammation by breaking down proteins that are involved in the inflammatory response. For example, bromelain has been shown to reduce inflammation in people with osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions.

Disease: Proteolytic enzymes can help to fight disease by destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. For example, papain has been shown to be effective against a variety of pathogens, including E. coli and Candida albicans.

Arthritis: Proteolytic enzymes can help to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation by breaking down damaged proteins in the joints including fibrin which can build up on joints and cause pain.

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This should be front page news everywhere.

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Does nattokinase do anything that serrapeptase can't or won't?

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So Bottomline, what is a better brand from anyone with the experience? I’d like to try it being blood indicates calcium.

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