Dr Kory and Dr Marick.... SUPREME COURT .. here we go!!!!! Victory dance coming up 💃 🕺 They are trying to shut you down @ FLCCC in time for next looming pandemic!!! PRAYING ... Bless you for your continued fight.... Side note: maybe it’s time to start voting Republican Kory 🥴 TRUMP 2024

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As a physician I left the ABFM (Family Medicine) years ago when it became clear that it was all a money grab with constant dues and fees for testing all while they had no documentation to prove that anything they subjected members to do to maintain a piece of credentialing to hang on the wall improved patient care or outcomes! I thought about his for a while and not one of my patients ever asked if I was board certified or took a look at my piece of paper on the wall even though every one of them walked by it daily!!

What matters to my patients? That I continue to learn to not only maintain, but actually improve, my knowledge and skills to help provide them the best medical knowledge to help them Live Their Best Lives, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - that I CARE! Do you sense that from your traditionally trained and board certified doc??

I decided to join a group of physicians who were tired of the money grab and formed an alternative credentialing board - the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS). They require re-certification on a regular basis with proof of required amounts of CME, or continuing education credits, to prove that we maintain our knowledge base to provide the best care we are able to for our patient's well being. What any conscientious doctor would do anyway! Makes perfect sense to me. The group is growing in membership and it's credentialing is accepted by more hospitals for certification on a yearly basis

So, Fighting the establishment ABMS is a good endeavor, as shutting them down would remove the strangle hold they have on all "member" physicians. This would remove the FEAR of utilizing our education and experience to help our patients rather than follow a prescribed cookbook recipe forced on us by the "board". But you must have a huge pot of funds to do so as they have lots of lawyers and lots of money extorted from physician members over the years! Give the members at the NBPAS a call and ask them to join the fight - many hands make light work!!

Tom Rohde, M.D.

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We are winning our war against tyrannical authoritarianism!

Disband the once-respected WHO because bill gates now controls their Policies and decisions by investing (contributing = influencing) to at least 53% of their annual budget! The WHO HEALTH TREATY is a humanity and freedom take-over!

They are running scared because there are too many of us now! We know the WEF planned Scamdemic & Vax scams and won't get fooled again! Some of us never took the bait the first time around!

The FDA know they can now get away with Premeditated MURDER as their bosses at the WEF (New World Order) now controls the planet's decision-making! No LIABILITY for Drug & jab-induced Injuries and DEATHS tells you exactly how CORRUPT current Big Pharma disciplines are = ZERO accountability, concern, morals and scruples!

Mick from Hooe ()UKI) Unjabbed to live longer!

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I will help you fight. Consider NBPAS certification. Feel free to contact me for my personal experience with them. Excellent alternative if you don’t do hospital work.

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They really are trying to kill us.

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Their goals is to waste your time and chew up your resources.

Maybe your appeal should include citing all the wonderful "consensus" medical practices in history: blood letting, scorn for doctors washing hands, using mercury to treat syphilis, etc.

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🤔? This may appear to be terrible news at face value but remember at your Appeal, you remain innocent until proven guilty… Requiring out in the open without smoke, mirrors or sleight of hand bona fidé truth!!!

Joseph in Gen. 50:20 in the Bible said something about his false accusers & persecutors, that I truly believe applies here:


It’s a no brainer that your Accusers have just with hindsight & in spades, shot themselves in the foot… In time everything (I mean EVERYTHING - The whole 9 yards) that they hid is going to come to light & unravel!

Stay strong. 💪🏼

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We have truth and justice on our side. Let's carry on our campaign for sustainable healthcare protocols.

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I think it’s way passed time for a giant class action lawsuit comparable to that against Big Tobacco. The kind of case that Mike Behn outa Chicago may go for. I don’t see how this shit show can be stopped otherwise.

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We are with you guys hang in there!!!!!

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The ABIM show their weakness in this decision. The truth is not on their side, nor do they care to debate it. So--they shut the “good doctor” down. We are with you and will continue to support you with our $$$$.

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I suspect that Marik and Kory are traumatized from finding out, personally, how medicine is actually regulated in the USA. However, it is not about bad boards, although that is definitely the superficial level of what is wrong. The underlying flaw is the standard-of-care doctrine, which is what they recognize in the "consensus" process. However, this is not a medical-board matter, or Board of Internal Medicine matter, it is the legal foundation of medical regulation. And has been for a century.

Rather than take the battle to the boards, the successful strategy used by Marik's and Kory's peers (ethically disenfranchised doctors) has been the formation of a new medical society in which the non-consensus medical care becomes the standard of care for the new society. This then brings the unacceptable treatments and protocols under the standard-of-care doctrine.

At least superficially.

This new society would also help with defense of doctors under state medical board review, where testimony can be submitted that the "offending" practice is in full accord with the standard of care for that medical society. Because such medical voard reviews are administrative-law proceedings, there is no requirement that such submitted testimony be heeded, or even accepted. There are no "Constitutional rights" under administrative law. But there is an effect on publicity and public relations from such testimony, to which such boards pay some heed.

So is there an alliance that FLCCC doctors can force with any existing medical society? Or is there a need to form a new medical society? This is the strategy that accompanies direct challenges to medically-unethical board decisions based on deviations from the mediocrity of the standard of care.

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I would posit that this stance by ABIM allows patients to see which doctors to run TO, not from. ABIM is now officially an irrelevant, junk-science organization.

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Hmmm. . . Shall we take a poll?

What is WRONG with that board?

Is it:



Willful ignorance?


Mass Formation Hypnosis?


Demon possessed?

Bought off?



All of the above?

Somebody needs to tell those morons that there IS NO SUCH THING AS "consensus-driven scientific evidence.”

And that evidence is evidence, you numbskulls, and that concensus IS OPINION and has NO PLACE IN SCIENCE!

Virtually every important advancement in science was made by those NOT FOLLOWING THE PACK! Concensus KILLS innovation and discovery.

Every member of that board MUST BE FIRED, like IMMEDIATELY! They are not scientists, they are STOOGES who are taking orders from somebody with malicious intent against science and against humanity!

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What a shameful power play by ABIM; a desperate attempt to cling to the Narrative and force doctors to be compliant instead of doing their lifesaving work. Deepest respect and gratitude to you Drs. Kory and Marick!!

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Yes you must fight, we will help.

Have you read recent posts from Dr Judy Mikovits? She is a researcher in the vaccine and immunology field. Eg with Brian Rose interview on LondonReal.

She has been struggling with these disgusting people and their non-science version of lousy science since the 80s, she knows all about contaminated vaccine production methods and the dangers of mixing vaccines. She tells how human vaccine preparation methods can drag in cancer-causing animal viruses. It is shocking. Maybe your defence can turn into a substantiated attack on them. Best luck Dr Jo East Anglia

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