I appreciate FLCC physicians. Because of your organization I received an rx for Ivermectin to have on hand if I got covid. I am 64 y/0 and got covid about a month ago, I was extremely ill then started Ivermectin and the vitamin protocol recommended by FLCC. There was a noticeable improvement when I started this treatment. While I was still sick for two weeks I believe your organization kept me out of the hospital and possible saved my life. Thank you for all you do❤️ Julie Mcvicars.

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This is the remail I sent to the Sentara Ethics Committee:

"To whom it may concern,

It is shocking that a doctor of Paul Marik's stature has to defend his right to uphold the oath he has taken to "first do no harm".

Dr. Marik's only "crime" is to prescribe safe, effective FDA approved, repurposed medications which have been shown to save lives during this Covid epidemic.

Sentara Hospital's actions to censure Dr. Marik have violated every standard of ethics that can be imagined.

As a result, you have forced Dr. Marik to legally challenge Sentara's Covid protocols, which have resulted in needless deaths.

Families of patients all over the United States have sued for the right to use these safe, repurposed medications and instead your Sentara responds with ineffective treatments like remdesevir which are ineffective, costly, and toxic.

Clearly the Big Pharma gravy train is more important than saving lives.

You have opened up a court battle which will go down in history. Sentara's greed and callousness in the face of Dr. Marik's sound medical advice will become known in much the same way as the court case "Brown vs. Board of Education", which challenged the endemic discrimination of the Jim Crow laws.

You have earned yourself a place in infamy as one of the bad guys. Congratulations.


Margaret Collins (retired health care professional)

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At the risk of submitting an unwieldy and wordy comment, here is the E-Mail I sent to Sentaraethics@sentara.com per the FLCCC suggestion; Sentara may try to 'cancel' me as a subscriber:

I support Doctor Marik.

Shame on Sentara for not standing up to Big Pharma allied Media and government Administrative State institutions like the AMA, CDC and FDA in their fraudulent war against patient-centered care in order to further the Big COVID Lies!

Sentara’s policies that stand between Doctor Marik and his patients is truly an abomination and is as bad as anything perpetrated by communist and nazi governments, and in a just world would result in severe penalties for all those responsible.

I have been a practicing proponent of the prophylactic protocols that Doctor Marik and others have developed during this so-called pandemic that is truly akin to a bad influenza outbreak - and a very survivable one when promptly and properly treated as Doctor Marik’s protocols prove, and which is documented and borne out by results in the most populous state in India where similar protocols are practiced.

I have been in innumerable situations where I may have been exposed to and/or in contact with people who ‘transmitted’ COVID-19 virus to me, and for the better part of two years Doctor Marik’s preventative protocols have so far saved my life! Not masks or serious adverse event causing ‘vaccinations’ - quotes added for effect - just Doctor Marik’s low-cost and effective low-risk protocols!

The totally evil and criminal Administrative State attempted to stand between me and those LIFE-SAVING protocols by withholding prescriptions and coercing physicians from prescribing the ingredients, but thanks to some patriotic and truly humanitarian organizations, I and many others have been able to overcome those barriers at considerable cost in terms of effort and dollars. In a just and sane world that did not trample individual liberty and the US Constitution, this extra effort would NEVER have been required!

I have never liked getting Sentara ‘Health’ E-Mails that tout the Pfizer and other Big Pharma Injections - also incorrectly referred to as ‘Vaccines’ after the CDC/FDA attempted to alter the traditional definition of what constituted a Vaccine - and bombard me with videos of shills and fraud ‘medical professionals' who encouraged me to wear ineffective and purely symbolic masks and get the injection despite thousands of reports of serious adverse events for a flu-like virus that is 99.8+ percent survivable!

You would do those of us who see through the smoke-and-mirrors COVID-kabuki theatre a great favor if you would just allow Doctor Marik to treat his consenting patients as he, as a practicing and very competent physician, sees fit. I trust him. I do not trust the Sentara ‘Team’ that is supposed to be supporting him. And yes it is open season for choosing health care organizations and you would just like some of us to go away. But for years, you were doing just fine by your customers, myself included, and you can continue our medical collaboration if you could follow that thing called conscience.

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Dr. Marik is a God send! Why do hosp. admins think they know better than one of the countries best doctors? Shame on these hospitals...they should be charged with murder! To deny a patient life saving medicines is horrendous! Admins need to sign the Hippocratic Oath. This is such a crime against humanity. Many people who get covid are now afraid of going to the hospital - we need true clinical doctors who know and care. History will remember.

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What Sentara is doing to Dr. Marik could be considered psychological torture, preventing him from treating critically ill patients with approved medicines at his disposal. I wonder if he would have "standing" to bring a lawsuit against them for that? Not to mention that the recommended drugs are unsafe and obviously ineffective.

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That hospital administrators can take precedence over an attending, decades long and teaching physician is truly gobsmacking enough; but to in concert deny lifesaving treatment? This reeks of a foul and most invidious odor.

What else is one left to conclude but that Sentara is "in on it." I'll leave that 'it' to one's own process of deductive reasoning, assuming the larger overview of this SARS-Cov-2 pandemic and its very suspicious origins are known. What this country and its legions of corporate-infused power centers has become is in a word: SHAMEFUL!

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Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority. Meanwhile people are dying because of the material self-interest of a few.

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Hospitals and Politicians never graduated medicine and certified to practice medicine nor took the Hippocratic Oath, yet government and hospitals dictate how physicians treat patients.

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Please don't give up. I wish we had Doctors like you in Australia. I would feel much safer.

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It’s pure evil straight from Hell. The evil ones at the top want us all to die to “depopulate” the Earth. It came right out of Bill Gates mouth. He was happy about it. This is the evil work of Satan. We all need to get on our knees and pray in the name of all that is Holy, in the name of Jesus Christ, deliver us from this Hell on Earth! Deliver us from Satan and his demons who are working to destroy all mankind and to create a new world with Lucifer as God!!! Jesus save us!!

Pray for these doctors and all the people who are dying! Take control Lord and save our world!!

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It’s an atrocity and it’s happening all over the country. Covid-19 patients are needlessly dying from hospitals withholding potentially life saving treatments. More families need to be filing lawsuits against these hospitals. Dr. Marik and the FLCCC can’t do it alone.

On Tuesday, I sent an email to Sentara’s Ethics Center and a letter to its Director, Katy Trapp. My Ethics 101 class taught me that, “When in doubt, take the morally safer route.” The morally safer route is for Sentara to rescind its Draconian policy and allow its physicians to once again successfully treat their patients without restrictions and conditions.

To withhold such treatment is tantamount to committing medical malpractice and, under certain circumstances, may even be considered negligent homicide.

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Call it what it is, murder by hospital administrators. Get the families to sue and sue big. Hospitals hate lawsuits.

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Let these doctors do their jobs! Let them talk to their patients and suggest the best forms of therapy for the health of their patients and let the patients decide! Their bodies, their choice! NO ONE has a right to play GOD with another person's life and anyone standing in the way of life saving measures should be held accountable for intentionally endangering the life of another human being!!!

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I hope Dr Marik’s legal team is going to have recovered patients testify on his behalf ( on the stand if possible ) Or via Zoom/Skype . Especially since the trial is supposed to be before a jury. It seems that numbers don’t have as much persuasive power as face to face personal testimony does

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How do we attend the court hearing virtually? Where can we find the court filings? What’s the case number?

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I was just sent an article that indicated that the report of covid deaths at Sentara after using the FLCCC protocol was inaccurate and alternate data was provided. While that may be in retaliation to Dr. Marik's lawsuit, it adds credence to the retracted study by Elgazzar et al. This accusation of multiple examples of false or inaccurate data should be discussed, especially since there is alternative data that seems to be accepted. Thank you in advance for providing clarity.

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