I was diagnosed with Type 2 in March, immediately started KETO. A1C was 10.5

Three months later June A1C was 5.9 considered Pre-Diabetes.

Three months later Sept A1C was 5.3 and normal.

Originally my Dr. wanted to start me on Metformin and I asked her to give me 3 months to try it by eating right. Thankful she did. I can never go back to eating that way again, or it will come back.

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I love it when the docs catch up with the rest of us.

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Intermittent fasting is a LIFE diet. It has proven to be the best way of eating for my 87 year old mom and my 66 year old self for the last 6 years. Dr Mercola was where I learned of it. Not only weight loss and management but so much energy and all round health.

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Congratulations Doctor! Wonderful news! I will be sharing.

Please note “Wild” salmon and shrimp- not farm raised- farm raised is filled with Omega 6, not Omega 3. Need that 2:1 ratio!

It would be wonderful in our newly forming society if nutrition was taught in schools.

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Dr. Marik - I wish I could get my brother, Larry, to take the time to watch your video or read your substack. I wonder if you might be willing to have a 5 min phone conversation with him - you know him. I think you've been in contact with him - he's an MD (even a PhD) - editor of the AAPS journal, etc. Please if you have time, talk to him for 5 min about getting his type II diabetes cured. He's so busy doing his sham peer review cases that he doesn't take the time for things that are so vitally important to his own health.

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Thank you Dr. Marik Out of such catastrophic suffering and death comes new life and a revolution in being. We'd all go back two years and stop all of it from happening in a hearbeat, but here we are. There used to be a poster: "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" So what if they gave a poisonous medical food disease complex and we all just blow them off and flourish?

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Yes, good post. I cured myself of medication induced Type ! diabetes with similar strategies. There is quite a bit of information about Type II Diabetes and diet but not nearly enough about Type 1. There are physicians who have cured themselves of Type I by rigorously limiting carbohydrates. I no longer take insulin at all.

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Go for the wild blueberries and personally I'm not sure why you would limit them? Raspberries and blackberries are great too. They also help with weight loss.

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Also see Dr. Jason Fung's take on the topic.

Steve Kirsch might want to hear about this (he has the condition), maybe you can forward it if you have a way of communicating with him (I posted mentioning Fung in his substack threads, but don't know whether he saw any of it)

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The only thing I consume on your bad list is ice cream most nights and I consume everything on your good list except Heavy Cream with coffee. I will try it. Currently I use Half&Half and International Delight Sweetened Creamer.

Since I'm a retired Family Doc I would like to make a comment on your BP meds. I started out on the same two meds you have. After 25 years I developed Angioedema and had to quit Altace. I got off of amlodipine 5 or so years after that so I switched to Doxazosin which IMHO is the best of that Class plus a low dose of Hydralazine. Because I was on so many BP meds to keep control, I went to a Top Nephrologist at UF and found out that I had Hyperaldosteronism and I think there is a chance you have it too.

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Steak, lots of eggs, butter, throw away all the canola oil and of course no more processed foods. August 2020 I was at an appalling A1c of 14.3 (when I didn't even know what that meant). Eyesight diminishing and constantly running to the bathroom the first indications. Now I'm down 100+ pounds, A1c in the 4s to low 5s. No glasses required, feel great and will never turn back. Went low carb, keto, then intermittent fasting, OMAD. Recommend youtube channels - Low Carb Down Under, Beat Diabetes and Drs. Berg and Ekberg for help in this area. Off to climb a mountain today. Would add learn the very easy way to make your own mayo and sauerkraut. The Food Pyramid and government guidelines/suggestions are garbage. Now it's simply a matter of time before we know if Fauci or Ancel Keys has caused more damage to humanity.

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That's great. Well known in the wellness community, but better late than never :D

Even better IMHO , see inline comments

- I do take a few supplements, including Omega 3, spermidine, resveratrol, melatonin and Vitamin D3. In 12 weeks, I lost 35 lbs.

>>> need to take vit K together with D3 - see Weston A Price on this key combination discovered last century re spring grass and cod liver oil - explained now as Vit D3 + K3

ALSO: vit D is a lot less efficient than exposure to sunlight (early morning best) -> vit D in ACTIVE form all over your skin ( see Mercola's archive for more info)

Here’s my top 10 list of foods you should be eating:

1. Fish – especially Alaskan salmon

>>> ONLY wild caught salmon, usually Alaskan or Western US/ Canada AND wild sardines in EVO - no other fish are safe

2. All vegetables (including avocados, beans, broccoli, spinach, etc.)

>>> need to be organic or at least not heavily sprayed, best source often are local farmer's markets - spinach and celery if not organic are very badly sprayed so avoid if not organic

3. Chicken breast (free range, no hormones, no antibiotics)

>>> better: really free range, and slow grown - costs more, but really better value overall. Most "free range" are just glorified decent not factory chickens. Look for Heritage or Red Label if you can

4. Nuts – (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios)

5. Peanut butter, chia seeds - Peanut butter is a no no ( do your own research )

6. Greek yogurt + pre-probiotics (not sweetened)

>>> any yoghurt from grass fed milk, NOT homogenized

7. Meat (grass fed, no hormones) – avoid processed meats


8. Blueberries (limit volume)

9. Grapefruit (limit volume)

10. Coffee (with heavy cream or coconut oil; Stevia - no sugar or artificial sweeteners)

YES no milk! creates indigestible mass in stomach

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any particular manufacturer of spermadine and resveratrol?

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So happy for you, Doc! You’ve inspired by your courage for 2+ years, now you inspire by your discipline/commitment to healing yourself! Way to go!

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I appreciate your story. I've been told several times in my long life as a type 2 diabetic that I have "reversed" diabetes or even have "cured" myself. It isn't quite that easy. And it isn't that permanent, not necessarily.

I rocked 4.5 A1Cs -- back when I smoked! Intermittent fasting -- actually time-restricted eating -- is excellent for diabetes. I use Mercola's recommended glycine in my morning coffee, along with coconut oil. But I was a fool and got a TDaP shot in 2015 that left me with random allergies and IBS-D. Not pleasant. And IBS-D requires a few more carbs to avoid painful hunger! Diabetes doesn't actually reverse, though with low enough BG numbers, beta cells CAN begin to recreate, increase. I started out with limited beta cell function, at diagnosis, and high triglycerides, and am better, much, but no longer get 4.4 or 4.5 A1Cs (and I never go low, my liver loves me).

How we fare as type 2s depends on so much. I seem to be really sensitive to glyphosate, and do not have the money for full-on organic, nor is full-on organic what it used to be! The government has loosened the standards and pushed little farmers out of business by upping the proof fees.

Best to you. And best to your readers who need to know to try, but also to understand it's not always this simple.

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Type 2 diabetes is essentially a disease produced by "excess" carbohydrates.

The idea that the vast majority of doctors still don`t understand this whilst they direct their patients to "low glycemic " food groups and watch the blood glucose stay the same/get worse..is beyond extraordinary...

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