As a retired MD, this is a great concept. However, it's highly unlikely because with few exceptions like you, the current crop of woke-educated allopathic idiots are a disaster. Especially as most chose career and livelihood over patients lives.

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Join me in Kansas City at FMMA in May! I’ll be speaking about why and how I left the “system” in 2015. I was well positioned to offer early treatment in my practice, where I dispense meds. I was never pressured by my employer (me) to get a shot I didn’t need. https://fmma.org/events/annual-conference/

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We need to push the following bills:

Declare null the legal immunity to the injection manufacturers due to fraud.

Repel immunity and prohibit Congress to pass immunity laws to corporations, NGOs or international organizations.

Prohibit Government to grant the power to approve vaccines and medicines to the WHO or any non-national organization.

Statistical transparency

All data must be public and real-time.

Death certificates must be anonymized and uploaded in full, including primary cause of death, etc.

The same for all clinical records, lab tests, medications/vaccination by brand and dose.

An independent organization must control the integrity of the database.

Prosecution law for injuries and damages

Enable a simple, fast, free, class action and prosecution lane, against all the responsible command line, from top to bottom, for COVID development, lockdowns, haccines, negligence, malpractice, malfeasance, censorhip, blocking life saving information, misinformation, mal information, incentivizing what injured, des-incentivizing what cured or saved lives, conspiracy, corruption, treason, etc. Use for compensation, the corporate or personal seized assets in proportion to their guilt.

Government reparations

Force government to provide lifelong treatments for COVID, long COVID and haccine injuries and pay damages for lives and livelihoods lost, including those resulting from lockdowns and firing the unvaxxed.


Ban mandates, disclosure, and any direct or indirect coercion, punishment or reward for vaccination and pharmaceuticals.

Anti-conspiracy law

Mandating public disclosure of membership to secret societies which require obedience (masons prioritize obedience to the common good and patriotism because otherwise they lose their jobs, livelihoods o life): should penalize more any political candidate, government position, listed corporations, media, police, armed forces.

When people realize how many of them have so much power, they’ll react.

“Amnesty for the first higher ranking (max 100?) whistleblowers in the medical colleges, first in the law societies, etc., so that the majority, those that committed the worst crimes consciously don't escape justice.” 1

Anti-emergency law: emergency powers can never be invoked by politicians over epidemics, hack attack, EMP, global warming, climate crisis or anything else, except civil war or external aggression, and even in such cases, they must be proportionate to the need and backed by 2/3 of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Pure medicine law against whore medicine (whorrible medicne)

Dismantle all norms that promote the bio-medical-industrial-complex (BMIC) machine, which profits at the expense of patients and clinicians who suffer: government, pharmaceutical industry, insurance industry, and corporate big hospital and healthcare systems.

Foster real health, not pharma. Dismantle all norms that forbid or make it hard for health practitioners (doctors, nurses, chiropractics, natural medicine experts, etc.) to organize medicine according to health, including coverage for behavioral medicine and integrative health, both destroyed by the 1910 freemason Flexner report, and Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM), where subspecialists treat the two patients at the same time, attacked by pro-abortion norms.

Financial conscientious objection

Forbid forcing tax payers, health insurance clients, etc. to indirectly pay for abortions, abortifacients, contraception, infertilization surgeries, euthanasia, artificial insemination, IVF, embryonic research, trans-amputation/pharma, injections linked to abortion or infanticide, behavioral self-inflicted damage, and other questioned “medical”practices.

Prohibition of abortion laced injections, vaccines, haccines, medicines, food, beverages, by the use of cell lines derived from aborted fetal tissue or infanticied tissue (this would leave out nearly all COVID shots).


21 Jan 2021 H.R. 419 - No Taxpayer Funding for the World Health Organization Act 2 Defunding is the first step.


S.4343 - No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act 3


17 May 2022 H.R. 7806 - American Sovereignty Restoration Act 4 Leaves the UN (including agencies, funds, peacekeeping missions, conventions and agreements), repeal of diplomatic immunity, removes Headquarters’ benefits, etc.

The ideal is to retain observer status (which allows to have a voice) and to co-found a non-politicized international health organization, run by doctors and nurses, open to all proven healing currents and the voice of patients, funded by all countries equally, with equal voice, based on free cooperation and no legal binding.

US call to action here.5


Right of health autonomy and medical freedom: having access to genetically unmodified blood during a time of need.

Even 6 months later, the vaxxed keep producing spike proteins and there’s the problem of transfusing mRNA hijacked cells. Montana House Bill 645 would ban on long-COVID and the COVID vaxxed from donating blood and tissues, because of “gene-altering proteins, nanoparticles, high-count spike proteins from long COVID-19, or other isolates introduced by mRNA or DNA vaccines, mRNA or DNA chemotherapies, or other novel mRNA or DNA pharmaceutical biotechnologies“. 6 Leaves out Novavax in spite it takes time to clear the millions of S-proteins. It creates a shortage of blood.7 Solutions:

1. Self donation

2. Blood discrimination: one bank for the unvaxxed, who could decide who to donate and have priority in receiving as much unvaxxed blood, and the other bank for the rest.

3. Paying the unvaxxed for their precious blood and organs in a free market.

Clinical Trials

• Compulsory animal studies with strict oversight and independent side-effect follow-up of at least a year, including reaction to exposure to wild pathogens.

• Open real-time data of all results or lack of them.

• Ban on human trials and tests on the pre-born, starting from conception.

• Independent lab testing of what the patients will be given/injected.

• Trials should include an un-treated, a placebo and a medicated arm (with prior approved medication).

• Real-time open anonymized data, so that others can profit from it.

• Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to run them, only governmental institutions with close citizen oversight, funded by corporations but through indirect independent funds. If that’s not attainable, at least outsourcing should be prohibited.

• Some side effects take years to appear. At least, trial-patients should be provided with lifetime top medical coverage for anything coming up in the first 5 years and free legal services to claim for injuries and damages without any cap or reduction of liability to anyone in the hierarchical chain of command conducting the experiment.

• Forms and signed papers don’t reduce liability if the patient didn’t really understand what was written. Independent assessment of understanding capability should be done before starting the trial.

• Children can never take part of a trial, unless adults are tested before, lowering the age on trial at a time and reviewing the epidemiological data for 5 years, each.

Not urgent, yet important


• Anything funded by governments can’t be patented by individuals or corporations, even if the Government provided part of the research funds.

• Government patents are void within the country.

• Money from G-pats should be returned to the taxpayer, never a health related agency which could be tempted to approve medicines/injections paying for them.

We need 100+ laws to prevent this from becoming a reality:


I'll soon post the full 100 list in that substack. PLEASE add your bill ideas replying here!

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I love what you’re doing, but unless you can figure out a way to get insurance companies and Medicare on board, this will only serve the very wealthy. I think we need new insurance too!! I pay out of pocket to see my naturopath and have now fired my allopathic doctor of 40 years. It’s not easy when you’re retired and living in Joe Biden’s America.

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Doctors must regain their freedom to practice true medicine. For this to be successful, patients must demand their doctors have this freedom. Many still trust the 'experts' and accept whatever they are told. All of us who see what's happening must continue to speak up and refuse to accept less than this. It's frustrating and difficult to continue in the face of a public that doesn't want to see but unless we stand strong, there's no hope of any freedom, in medicine or anywhere else.

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It has been since the 70's. But I am more hopeful than ever that we are at a time of awakening. 🙏

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The capturing of young medical students is appalling. My son-in-law is in a medical school in Michigan. The entire school/building was “donated”by big Pharma and they still maintain an office on one of the upper floors. Before Covid I didn’t really make the connection. But now, oh my God! Who do you think is going to be their biggest influence? I don’t dare say a word, but they are literally capturing the hearts and minds of these young dedicated doctors to be.

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Can anyone tell me where to look for a registry of Functional /Integrative MDs that are part of the MFM ?

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023

I would join a co-op and rather give my money I pay blue shield to a group like yourself.

I no longer trust corporate doctors and especially don’t trust the “care” in hospitals (death protocols galore).

I am already looking to find functional doctors i can pay out of pocket and stop my PPO asap and just have an emergency type hospital care plan if needed.

We need to stop paying the beast systems as a collective.

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I concur, but shouldn't it be "[Ivermectin's] antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties"?

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Does "BMIC" include the state licensing boards or is your proposed organization an effort to circumvent them, but provide a distinct but credible licensing arrangement for patient assurance? Are doctors practicing under a separate state licensing arrangement vulnerable to being charged criminally (on a state-by-state basis, I would imagine) of "practicing medicine without a license?" The third leg would be whether medical insurance coverage would extend to doctors licensed under this arrangement? If doctors did not have to price their services to cover overhead costs for dealing with insurance companies and the current hospital model, then maybe there is some sort of "direct pay" model would work. I sure hope so. Maybe I am dense, but I did not see these issues addressed in the article.

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Thank you !! Same for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

And something else - FYI:

Jacob Dreizin – March 16 -- https://thedreizinreport.com/2023/03/15/silicon-valley-bank-and-donetsk/

As for the Nazism, they can’t avoid it.

A Short History of Ukraine State

The Ukraine is a historically new construction. Until the late 19th century, the Ukraine was merely a region, and 100% of its inhabitants, the Ukrainians, or Rusyns (Ruthenians) as they were called in areas under Austria at that time, considered that their language, or whatever regional dialect they spoke, was Russian (“Russka mova”), and they had zero political awareness or identity separate from Russia (with the exception of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, who were Cossacks, not as presently described, “Ukrainian Cossacks”, LOL.)

The concept of a “Ukrainian language” and the associated identity was constructed in areas under Austrian rule (parts of Galicia and Volhynia), with Austrian support and state financing, immediately after the local iteration of the 1848 revolutions, as a way to quell pro-Russian irredentism among landowners and the Russian Orthodox church in the region. From here on, the Galician literary dialect was also set as the “one and only” Ukrainian language, similar to how the dialect of Florence became “standard Italian.”

Due to Russia’s backwardness, the Russian Empire was unable to standardize its linguistic landscape in the same manner as the Germans and French had largely done by prior to World War 1, or World War 2 at the latest. That process requires compulsory schooling and mass literacy, which Russia did not have until Soviet days. Hence, by the time of the Russian Revolution, the Galician Ukrainist movement had been able to gain some marginal but elite following throughout all territories that spoke Ukrainian dialects rather than “Great Russian.”

This was subsequently channeled, with the Russian collapse of 1917-1918, into the formation of the Ukrainian breakaway state. After this was put down by the Bolsheviks (first and foremost, Ukrainian urban Bolsheviks from Kharkov and what’s today called Donetsk), it again came to life under German rule with the Galician-based Banderist movement.

Most Ukrainians did not vote for independence from the USSR in 1991, but the republic was abandoned by Yeltsin, and thus, had independence thrust upon it. There was a general lack of enthusiasm for the state, a lack of understanding as to its purpose, especially as by this time, almost all Ukrainian citizens spoke Russian as their language of work, at least, and among well over half of the population, of the home as well. In short, there was a near-total ideological vacuum.

The only people who had an ideology… were, well, guess who.

Today, excepting the far northwest, with its dominant Greek Catholic church, the Ukraine is still so similar to Russia (culturally there is ZERO difference)…..

…..that the ONLY way any Ukrainian leadership can aim to make its state distinct, to justify its own rule, is to invent a completely fictitious, phony history of some coherent, historical “Ukraine” that never existed (their school history textbooks are a RIOT)…..

…..and to adopt a “supremacist”, Russian-exclusionist approach and ideology. Like, “We’re not Russian goddamn it, we were never Russian, we will cut the Russian out of us, perhaps slowly, perhaps quickly if we can, but we’ll get rid of it, because the Ukraine isn’t big enough for minorities or two nationalities, so, someone needs to get steamrolled.”

In short, fascism.

The Ukrainian state (under German protection) of 1918, and then again with the Banderist movement (again under German protection, or benign neglect at least) during WW2 and then in exile… were explicitly fascistic. The former, even before the term existed.

I wrote last summer or so, that any independent Ukrainian entity will ALWAYS arrive at fascism as its governing ideology. It just took much longer this time (since 1991), in part because of the dominance of Russian cultural and professional media (and the difficulty in re-Ukrainizing in the absence of a sufficient written base and professional need) and the enormous cross-border family bonds left over from Soviet days.

But, it happened.

Obviously, Uncle Sam has taken advantage of this to establish his 51st state on the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Obviously, the majority of Ukrainian officials, educators, etc., are just there to get paid. Like people everywhere, they go along and are not driving the ideology.

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With all due respect...saleebys article refers to a money grab medical system when he charges 5x as much as other drs in south carolina..pot vs kettle.

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Thank you. And a suggestion for a guest -- somebody who is objective about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (both calming immune system overreaction). There was a well-known rabbi/physician who saved lives and lungs of his patients by early use of HCQ who recommended it to Trump and was crucified for it.

PS: What does hydroxychloroquine do to your body?

Hydroxychloroquine is a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD). It works by calming your immune system. This helps reduce swelling (inflammation) in people with autoimmune conditions, where your immune system attacks your own body.

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Not a doctor, but I think the DPC model of practicing medicine is the path forward for the family doctor as most DPCs are independent from an overall bureaucracy of medicine.

For hospitals, insurance companies, and Pharmacists.....not sure what to tell you but good luck.

One thing I know for sure....any doctor that supports Universal Healthcare needs to be slapped and exiled as government control will feed into thus problem....not help.

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You are preaching to the choir here, we have left the system, my wife is training in alternative medicine, we are educating ourselves and we have taking our health care into our own hands where it should have always been. No more free lunch "medical experts", we are responsible for ourselves Thank you big Pharma, big tech, big govt, etc...

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