(1) The injections were NEVER created to stop Covid.

It was the reverse:

(2) Covid was created so they could launch the injection program.

The public health authorities were never "mistaken." No, they've been LYING TO US from the start over 3 years ago.

So, yes, it's time now to focus on the many career criminals and their crimes. Time to stop sugar coating crimes against humanity at W.H.O., DOD, FDA, NIH, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill (Ralph Baric's lab), and CDC as mere "errors" and "corruption."

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💉🎯Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

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Thank you !

Fortunately the entire Earth population is grasping the need for multipolarity and for a coming defeat of Nazi-dominated US puppet government of Ukraine.

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1) Make sure a public health emergency actually exists.

Real public health emergencies are events which would be noticed by virtually all in the absence of relentless propaganda campaigns costing many billions of dollars and consisting of lie heaped upon lie heaped upon lie.

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Thank you for having been there, presently there and standing strong. You and your fine fellows continue to be helping the injured and promoting solutions. Educating us help us to be prepared for further assaults. In the meantime you all help rally us to support our mutual efforts to see the constraints and damages we've all experienced don't happen again!

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The CCP is still laughing at our “leaders” ignorance, planning their next move against our freedom.

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Better advice: Eliminate the whole concept of "public health crises". The last real epidemic was in 1968. Everything since then is either totally fictional, or deliberately exaggerated from a problem for specific groups to a problem for everybody. Very few diseases are "equal opportunity killers". Most of them were wiped out by REAL public health before 1970.

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Thank you. Doctors, People, Don’t drink kool-aid. Be very curious!

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100% Safe & Effective from Florida (10 minutes) !!!

 DeSantis Pushed Bioweapons on the Elderly in Florida Without Informed Consent (10 minute video) => 19,000% Excess Deaths!



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“Try less arrogance.”


As soon as I read that line, I knew Dr Kory had written it.

Absolutely. Try less arrogance. Otherwise known as humility.

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The alphabet medical organizations might have something else up their sleeves though.

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It is a start.

But doubtful “they” will ever be believable again since they so vengefully tried to bury “us”.

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Until the public realizes we are dealing with in Silico, computer generated viruses there will be no end to future scamdemics.

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Dear Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik,

My husband, son and I plus THOUSANDS of others are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to FLCCC for your COURAGE and IMMENSE SACRIFICES in speaking TRUTH, providing EARLY treatment, providing EXCELLENT protocols available to everyone and now continuing to treat/help COVID-19 patients!

ALMIGHTY GOD led me to FLCCC and the other medical FREEDOM Fighters early in this nightmare. I listen, read and watch as much of the info that FLCCC provides as possible and donate as often as possible.

ALMIGHTY GOD has been and continues to use FLCCC as His MIGHTY vessel in INNUMERABLE and IMMEASURABLE ways.

Based upon what FLCCC and the other Freedom Fighters have taught me during the past three years, when COVID-19 struck my husband and six others (including myself) we were already equipped with a COVID-19 Doctor that used the FLCCC protocol to provide EARLY treatment and continuous treatment throughout our illness. We all seemed to have the "wicked bad" Delta variant which turned into pneumonia for five of us. Our COURAGEOUS, SACRIFICIAL COVID-19 Doctor provided for our every need AT HOME from beginning to end...via text.

My husband and I believe that without the knowledge that FLCCC and the other medical Freedom Fighters provided, we would have ended up in the hospital on their HORRIBLE corporate protocols (Remdesivir, ventilator) and died...leaving our child an orphan.

May ALMIGHTY GOD strengthen, uplift and continue to empower FLCCC in knowing that you all are helping save lives daily and may He continue to provide you His RICHEST BLESSINGS!

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"The Most Dangerous People In America Right Now" – OUTSTANDING -- by M. Shellenberger

(Excerpts of interviews with Die Welt and Weltwoche about the censorship-industrial complex)


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Thought all of these 3 were already accepted norms in medical and scientific communities 🤔🥺

Exceptions seem to be where Fauci Gates (and Foundation!) Soros WEF WHO Pharma etc influencers are directly involved, then all hell broke loose

So perhaps there needs to be a few more added

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