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I just simply want to say "THANK YOU" for all the work you are doing on behalf of the rest of the world, often at great cost and sacrifice to yourselves and your careers. History and God will judge you righteously for your efforts.

THANK YOU. For putting out there the protocols that people could use to help themselves, their families, their neighbors and communities.

THANK YOU. For waking up so many to the medical tyranny that was in place, and for ways to resist it and overcome it.


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Excellent piece.

We have lost the collective common sense in the sea of daytime talk shows, netflix, our maniacal pursuit of celeb parody and the ever growing woke sports industries.

We need to have these clearly stated and cognizant reminders, that we are under attack and MUST ask these question, not just of those trying to kill us, but those sheeple among us, who happily line up for the slaughter and demand we do as well.

Cross posting this. Thank you.

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Nice message

Unfortunately it points to a conspiracy at the highest levels and they want us to feel guilty about recognizing that it is a conspiracy AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS !!!

I do not feel guilty about calling them out and yes I tell everyone I TOLD YOU SO!!. Makes me feel better and makes them feel like they should feel.

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To the wonderful FLCCC crew - Professor David Carpenter needs wide support to prevail over Monsanto, and SUNY Albany, trying to end his work as expert witness against serious polluters. He's helped people injured by PCBs and persistent pesticides near Monsanto's plants. He also speaks up for people injured by pulsed microwave radiation.

Monsanto's lawyers claim he's not a reliable witness, because he's "being investigated" by SUNY Albany.

**Yet the reason for the "investigation" is Monsanto's lawyers filed a FOIA to see his records. He's done nothing wrong. It's a circular trap.

Professors have the right to supplement their income with expert witness work - but Dr Carpenter passes that income on to his students, he does not keep the money. And still they're framing him as guilty of nefarious finances.

His situation smells like the same reputation attacking BS the heroic covid doctors have endured. Because most dangerous to false narratives with billions of lives at stake are those who are knowledgeable, credentialed, and can explain mechanisms of action that hold corrupt entities accountable for the wreckage they cause.

Here's some concise info on his situation. There are various ways to help, one is a sign on letter (by noon EST Monday 2.20), also calls /emails not subject to same deadline.

https://popularrationalism.substack.com/p/support-dr-david-carpenter-from-attacks - Dr James Lyons-Weiler

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aEVy40tbH3-n-9C9J-OzzuKe9GuaUBGVXbxSnahdzEo/edit - Action Alert

https://www.mediasanctuary.org/stories/2023/u-of-albany-and-monsanto-seek-to-silence-dr-david-carpenter/ - 10 min interview

If it feels right to you, please help spread the word. Thank you so much!!

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Thanks for using your gift of writing to benefit others. This essay hits interrogates many points which the picture then extends more than 1000 words can do. This is a time when stock in ear plugs will skyrocket as thousands will be forced to deal with their dissonance as the bodies pile up. It would be great if we can share any templates for kind and redemptive conversations with one another.

The only one I have found is the metaphor of a hologram. Imagine upon a table sits a cube and nearly all the world describes the cube with edges, rectilinear, etc. The cube was defined as safe and effective by nearly everyone. There was a minority of the worlds population however that perceived the object as a sphere. They claimed it had no edges and far from safe was very very dangerous. They tried to get their loved ones, colleagues, neighbors and friends to agree with them that the object was a sphere. They gave up trying to discuss its shape and changed their discourse to the theoretical. IF you believed what I believe--- that this is very dangerous, what do you think we should do?

The excess all cause mortality will soon be evident to all. More princesses will probably have to die before the world admits that the cube is really a sphere. Until then, we are living in nearly parallel universes with very few touch points.

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Thanks for pointing it out. Let the truth be told !!!

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I agree, let's NOT be fooled again.

With all due respect, and no insult intended, as long as the "anti-vaxxers" and etc are not really interested in the ACTUAL science, but more like the popular opinions of some celebrity types, or famous people, for instance Peter McCullough, you'll all be back in the stuck place we were in back in March 2020, believing the bullshit being handed down by the "experts."

Why stop half-way to freedom, when it's all out there, still available to be read and heard?

It doesn't take THAT MUCH work to do a little research and find out what's actually on the cutting edge. It's not helping anything that there is so much censorship, but if I can find the information, so can anyone who has half a clue about how to use the Internet.

If I may just give you a kick start:

The "pandemic" was/is a PSY-OP. That means it's bullshit.

Viruses have never been proven to exist.

Contagion has never been proven to exist.

Vaccines are NEVER helpful, but anathema to Nature.

The "next wave" is likely to be another huge lie about fake Evil Germs waiting to invade, OR it might be the banks basically disappearing all your money. Or it might be you being told if you want ACCESS to your money, you have to get chipped. And you have to BEHAVE.

You might be informed that your city or town is going to become a 15-minute city, and you will be told where and when you can go anywhere.

People don't seem to understand that ALL THIS we've experienced in the past three years, with decades before that getting us ready for it, has been a LIE.

We are in the midst of a vast GENOCIDE.

It is deliberate and it's not over.

The main event is to CULL the human herd.

These psychopath oligarchist globalists want to control everyone they don't kill off.

They. Are. Insane. It does no good to appeal to a psychopath's sense of compassion or doing what is "right." They don't care, and they don't understand empathy. In fact, they get off on causing pain, death, mayhem, and the more the better.

When you can wrap your head around this, you will realize that WE the People need to take action to stop this attack on Humanity.

Stop the 5G

Stop the Chem Trails

Stop the Medical Industrial Complex

Stop the Eternal Warmongering


Stop the Central Bank/Govt. enslavement of the populace.

This hell will end when WE end it. Ain't no Jesus coming. Do Not Comply. Do Not Be Afraid.

We are the beautiful beings our Creator made to live on this beautiful planet, and we are the Stewards of the other creatures and the trees, and all that we know as Earth. We have been lied to, beaten down, fed non-food, medically harmed, served up tyranny by the vastly wealthy, had our rights and our happiness usurped, and our spirits slammed.

I say it's time to bring back Health, Wealth for ALL, Peace, Love, Joy, and a New Future for the kids.

We don't have to be harsh or violent. My motto is, Resist Not Evil: Work Around It.

We will take them down because they are heartless, cruel, and arrogant.

We will use Creativity, Ingenuity, and pure, good old JOY.

Watch this:


Be good, Be Brave, WE SHALL PREVAIL.

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Thanks. Looking forward to reading more.

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I hope that all of the people who are still “asleep”, will read this and finally wake up!

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Just want to say thanks for all the information it is good to keep in my pocket when people decide to attack the UNVAXXER.

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Excellent! Thank God for the FLCCC!

Because of the courageous voices of honest ethical doctors and scientists, many have resisted the propaganda, will continue resisting, and add to our numbers. They won’t be fooled again!

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Jenna, you’re such a fabulous writer. I love your brain! 🧠

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Thank you for spotlighting Sasha Stones audio about the “cult”, her perspective was a brilliant paradigm that brings generations and history of cool/ left to the current

Woke and true dictatorship that goes so far as to belittle motherhood to no more than vessels of beings who in time will discover their gender. Living through most of these

Times, I’m grateful that I chose not to go the way of much weirdness. I thank the faith I held lightly to the hedge of protection of my God ( I was raised, and questioned).

Weirder times and propositions only pushed me to more clear headedness and a path to ensure carefully selected company and my path to education. Once one sees the cult, there is no going back. Now, my job is to protect my children and the next generation. There are wise young ones now. I meet them. We must continue to

Share and fight for truth. Thank you Dr. Malone. You are one of a dozen I’m aware of that sacrifice for this good. Sharing this podcast. Most Enlightening!

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But be aware of the WHO agreement with

Biden! It could change everything.

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"Since COVID won’t be our last pandemic, here are a few questions to ponder before the next wave hits"

It was a plan not a pandemic. 48 people were sick in Wuhan out of billions, that's only a pandemic by

a globalist agenda.

Wuhan was a fully operational 5G region in 2019 and they also mandated poisons most people like to call, flu vaccines. The same was true for the regions of Italy which we were told where hit the hardest, 5G rolled out and vaccines were also mandated. If you recall Italy made the news regarding their reticence to vaccines in 2017. NYC also had 5G roll out and likely most people who died had also taken flu shots, if not also killed by hospital protocols, the elderly and chronically ill diabetics or other health issues usually always have doctors recommend they take flu shots. In Sept 2019 Trump signed an EO modernizing flu vaccines, are they also mRNA, it's hard to know but it's likely.

And most importantly sars cov2 was never isolated or purified. So you can claim there are more pandemics coming [because a vassal said so] instead of speaking out against the virus theory, surely you have heard that viruses are extracellular debris? You have if you follow Dr. Sam Bailey's substack. Perhaps we should educate ourselves on the terrain theory do the same for

our followers, or for every new born infant who faces a life of medical tyranny and 72 shots in the mRNA format.

You might be interested in this: " FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever"


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To your section on vaccine injuries experiences add Australian Dr Kerryn Phelps, past president of AMA (Aust Medical Association). Only female to have held that position.

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