Rachel Maddow: Take the Challenge

Please take a moment to read the “Open Letter and Challenge for Rachel Maddow”, written by Diane Perlman, PhD. In it, Dr. Perlman writes that, “MSNBC, CNN, and FOX are gripped in a pathological dance of compulsory mutual disparagement” with regard to the reporting being done on the drug ivermectin. Dr. Perlman appeals to Maddow to think independently; to stop being a vehicle for Big Pharma propaganda; and to invite Dr. Pierre Kory on her show to discuss the mountains of evidence for ivermectin. She asks Maddow to do a story on censorship of IVM and doctors who use it and what is behind it. In other words, she asks Maddow to do her job as a journalist. We applaud Dr. Perlman’s well crafted and perfectly documented appeal. It is our fervent hope that Rachel Maddow sees this letter and acts to uncover the facts of ivermectin, and its ability to thwart COVID-19 in every phase of disease. Lives depend upon it.