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We, doctors that treat patients, are under heavy attack.

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As someone who has found and shared your protocols, with one or two people possibly saved by not going to the hospital and quickly recovering after sharing my horse paste and your protocols, I and I'm sure those people thank you. I have heard from others who I shared the info with that they helped others.

I'm sure there are many who would share their testaments to your health care advice saving their lives.

Stay strong, and hopefully you will have the support needed to sue them as a licensing board of physicians who have themselves violated the hipocratic oath, and claim others have done so.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

- A proud monthly contributor to the FLCCC.

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Chilling. USSR Soviet stuff here

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Is it not possible to turn the pendulum towards the said propagandist who are perpetuating the big lie!

I know Dr Gold is both a Dr and attorney. Couldn’t this mis/dis information coming from the ABC health entities of the (USA, WEF, WHO, & the CDC alike), couldn’t these said establishments be held accountable for the genocide in which we are witnessing. The definition of democide is exactly what we are living in real time! These establishments and thier cronies are filling thier pockets with our taxpayer money. They are stealing our wealth while taking our health. Is that not the most ir reprehensible and unethical thing that one could do? We need to have public hearings, followed by public hangings! This will happen again if we don’t make the consequences so devastating that you wouldn’t think of ever destroying the health of we the people ever again! IMO, we are witnessing the mass genocide of the world peoples.

Stop the Democide !!!Stop the Genocide

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I thought this was an important Substack article to share from Steve Kirsch: Suggestions of things to do ahead of time in case you get Covid 19: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/what-to-do-if-someone-you-love-is

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Love you guys. Thank you for caring. God bless us all.

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Thank you for your wonderful work.

I am almost 75 and so far, have remained Covid free due to following your protocol, the Zelenko protocol, and the protocol of Tyson/Fareed and Peter McCulloch. Without you guys, and Zelenko (RIP), how would I know this?

Suggestion: Consider putting together a group of physicians and pharmacies and hospitals willing to properly treat for reasonable prices. This could be done.

I currently have two docs. One is a younger guy with a large mostly Medicare based practice who goes with the narrative. He has asked me to let him know when I get covid, because "everyone is going to get it." I told him I would let him know. He wants to use Paloxovid and Remdisivir. I told him I prefer the older meds... and I do not want those. So, if I should get covid, I do not plan to use him for treatment.

The other doc is older, admits to being at least 80, but his actual age is "classified." He agrees with me (and you guys) as to treatment.

My concern is: if I should have a problem, I do not have any hospitals that I know of that I can trust. They are all paid to follow the government program, which IMHO is a failure. Therefore I will have to stay out of hospitals ... which means I have to arrange for at home high flow oxygen, and whatever else is necessary.

Know any hospitals that follow the correct protocol, just in case?

Failing that, what do you suggest I arrange to have available at home, should it be necessary?

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Integrity and scientific inquiry is dead. I am so proud of these heroes of medicine, truth and science. Thank God for all of you!

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Doctors who really want their patients to be team members (not sheep), please start a new model of medical care!

It's scary and you might not make as much money. But, oh, the good you will do if you go out on your own or team up with other like-minded doctors. Patients are clamoring for good docs.

Some ideas:

* Do not accept standard insurance for regular care. Current insurance is a corrupt, corrupt, strings-attached model -- especially Medicare.

* Guard patient records as though they were your own family's records. Do not share with government.

* Consider a Direct Primary Care (DPC) subscription model for your patients.

** Start here to find a DPC doc near you: https://mapper.dpcfrontier.com/

** Here's an example: https://www.libertytreemed.com/pricing/

* Talk with docs whose names appear on lists at:

* * https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/covid-19-care-providers/

* * https://react19.org/physician-network/

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Self, family and friends (14 of them/us) used your protocols after being tested positive for COVID. All of them, from worst to least infected were almost back to normal in 2 days, and fully recovered in 4 days. (Hard to get the meds, but was successful. India turned out to be a good source.)

Pretty amazing considering the propaganda.

I suppose one cannot discount the possibility that the PCR testing (dial a pandemic) was the cause of the positive tests in the first place, but then those positives happened at different places at different times. The same is true of the subsequent "negatives."

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Kind of shocks me these guys are just waking up to the benefits of autophagy.. As a lay person biohacker I learned and have been practicing for for 3 years now.

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For every game there are different rules. The rules for this game are typical of those that are power hungry, and are clearly not straight forward. You can't win this, by using the system, since THEY ARE THE SYSTEM! They own the media, Govts, and probably even the ICC.

In a war where there are no rules, it does not serve one to impose any on himself. Figuratively speaking, This would require a Trojan horse approach, attack from behind, something very out of the box, but don't let them see you coming.

I'm not sure how that would translate into an actual strategy, but the strategy for the past 2 plus years has not worked.

It takes money to fight money.? Musk?

Just my 2 cents, but to naively think the truth shall prevail via their system, may not be the best approach.

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best wishes to all the good doctors at FLCCC staying the road of truth over commercial interest propaganda is going to be hard, ( ask Prof Tim Noakes of South Africa) but in the end the Truth will triumphant over the big pharma interest when enough citizens stand up for what is right. " first do no harm" principle

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Thank you doesn't say enough - but thank you to ALL our physicians and scientists fighting this huge battle. We would be lost (read: dead) without you. God bless every single one of you. 🙏🏻

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Re: Autophagy

Dr Courtney Hunt MD has been talking about autophagy to clear the spike and heal from chronic illness during the entire pandemic. She does IG Lives and discusses this and other elements of circadian biology to use the power of the body and the sun to heal the brain and body.

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Please get on Truth Social. It is a lot easier now than it was at first and you won't be censored and you will probably get a lot of support!

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