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I had two series of Pfizer shots

last shot was May 2021.

Dr Korey and Dr. Marik I follow your protocol.

Dr. Korey and Dr. Marik are the Doctors I trust.

Thank you.

Thank you for calming my heart. ( no pun intended)

You both are leaders!


Sue Goodrich

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I wanted to also

share our post vaccine (two shots)with Pfizer.

My twin sister and I had not your usual post vaccine symptoms like fever achy sore arm but a frightening , strange feeling that has since mitigated after major testing.

Please feel free to share.

This was taken off of FB all social media in less than 5 minutes.

It is the truth.


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Thank you Pierre. I advise jab patients to follow your protocols.

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I've passed this along to the vaxed people I know who are definitely open to receiving good advice. The others won't listen anyway. Thank you.

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I hope Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik will start a new medical system, a system of honor and sound medical advise.

What I have seen on the Outer Banks of NC and our major hospital Norfolk Sentara is not based on the Hippocratic oath and many doctors will not say anything about adverse events from these COVID vaccines.

No doctor will say anything it’s unbelievable!

Thank you again!

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No you are not safe after a year. 1-2 years out is when you get cancer. I have seen it WAAAAY too much now. I tried to talk my X-wife out of it, and not she has pancreatic cancer, and a friend of hers did the same thing, and she has terminal brain cancer. I know so many people with cancer now, and knew no one before.

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Very, very surprised that NAC isn't on your list of protective supplements. These vaxxed up people need to be clearing as many spikes out of their systems as possible. Your protocol doesn't seem to have that component in it, unless you are considering that Resveratrol will fill that role...

And what are your thoughts on Rutin as a protective supplement? A recent bulletin from Orthomolecular.org states that: "Rutin, specifically quercetin-3-rutinoside, is another natural substance of importance for the prevention of thrombosis (blood clots). It is one of the few substances known (synthetic or natural) that can both help prevent clots and help break down unwanted clots." See: http://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v18n28.shtml

And also this one: http://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v19n01.shtml advises that everyone who has been vaxxed should have blood tests run for elevated troponin and / or D-dimer levels. Do you consider this worthwhile in both assuaging the fears of the vaxxed and helping them determine if there's a problem growing in their circulatory system that they just haven't felt yet?

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Dr. John Campbell just referenced this Substack article on his YouTube channel. The truth is getting out!


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My family of oncology clinical researchers who left vaccine research will be celebrating Paul Marik Day tomorrow, January 24th (also Kory-Cole-Johnson-et-al-Heros Day) in honor to brave heartfelt testimony on the same day last year that has been watched multiple times in its five hour entity.

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In the Pfizer and Moderna “gold standard” randomized clinical trials (the highest quality evidence available, period), the excess deaths with vaccination showed up ONLY by the 6-month follow-up. But at the 1-month follow-up there were no excess deaths in either trial, clearly indicating delayed deaths. At 6 months, the separate Pfizer and Moderna trials both had a 15-17% increase in non-COVID deaths, and specifically a 40-50% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths, with vaccine versus placebo.

Pfizer: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2110345/suppl_file/nejmoa2110345_appendix.pdf – Table S4

Moderna: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2113017/suppl_file/nejmoa2113017_appendix.pdf – Table S26

So while it's very encouraging that the FLCCC experts think that vaccine dangers are unlikely to persist much beyond 6 months, it might be too early to declare people completely in the clear by 6 months, based on the fact that it took about 6 months for excess vaccine deaths to show up in the "gold standard" clinical trials for both Pfizer and Moderna (it seems unlikely that that risk would vanish right afterwards). For instance, if we continue to see excess non-COVID deaths and serious medical issues at a population level even >6 months after most people have stopped vaccinating, long-term effects of the vaccine should be very strongly considered as a likely culprit (perhaps the most likely culprit).

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I had a J&J. I am assuming it is not like the MRNA vaccines. At any rate, it has been well over a year.

I think that I am in the clear, but will pass your advice to others who may need this. Thank you for all that you do.

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After 4-5 months you are in the clear? Just 1 nullifying example (unless it's a case of coinciditus)


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In addition, antioxidants (e.g., green tea) and avoiding oxidative stress, for example, limiting fried foods and alcohol.

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This is such encouraging news! My son and son-in-law are both in healthcare and were the first ones required to get the jab. Other family members, against my advice, have also received the jab. Fortunately, all are way past 6 months from last dose.

I am curious, though -- does the spike protein ever leave the body??

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"MIOCARDITIS" is now in every day vocabulary - provided FREE by our super wealthy friends at Pfizer!

'Do NO Harm' and 'Informed Consent' were both removed from the Doctors Hippocratic Oath when Covid was invented.  The medical profession nosedived into deceit and dishonesty by allowing Big Brother to dictate their medical actions and moral decisions.

A bit like altering the dictionary meaning of 'VACCINE' changing twice in a decade to suit the DEADLY but USELESS Covid injection.

World Health Organisation is now redundant , CORRUPT and cannot be trusted since Bill Gates became their biggest benefactor (influencer).  They are now being encouraged to take over the whole planets Health systems.  Starting with obtaining the Authority to proclaim the next artificial Scamdemic, and then impose all the worst Controls and Disciplines that we experienced during the Covid Scamdemic.

With their Newly obtained powers they will be able to MANDATE INJECTIONS (called 'Vaccines') that will have little to do with human health - more like Total Control and Slavery!

What are we going to watch when all sportsmen & women have died from the Covid Injections?  Apparently, there were 5 with heart issues in one University on the same day?

Some of us sceptics believed from the unbelievably speedy 'invention' of the DEADY COVID VAX they were at best 'SUSPECT'.  ("Speed of Science" = My arse!)   Now we all know they can be DEADLY!

The 'System' has allowed Flu back into the English language and are trying to justify even more profit from injections (called vaccines).   I now suspect that all injections might now be 'doctored' with unwanted dangerous additives!

More 'boosters' that don't work?   Just to sell more injectable crap into our already devastated bodies. 

If we continue to refuse the DEADLY COVID INJECTION, can Doctors still prescribe 'Sudden Early Death Syndrome (SADS) for us?

Do any Doctors still remember "Do no harm" as part of their oath to provide professional conduct?

Heart DAMAGE from Covid Vax is permanent!

What about 'Informed Consent'? That was formally terminated as a Patient courtesy or requirement the same Date Covid Vax cheated it's way into the market with an unjustified (EUA) Emergency Use Authorisation - because they got the FDA to agree that IVERMECTIN & several other proven pre-existing Safe & Effective anti-viral medicines did not exist, or, if they did, "They're only for animals."!

Big Pharma Covid injections (called "vaccines"???) = NO 'LIABILITY' = LICENCE TO KILL with impunity!

Why do the CDC refer to DEADLY VAX 'DANGER SIGNALS' as "Safety Signals"? This Poison is made with NO GUARANTEE of SAFETY or EFFICACY by unethical and massively profitable organisations that accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any/all ADVERSE REACTIONS or/and DEATHS that follow their supposed DEPOPULATING 'cures'.   The word 'MIOCARDITIS' is now part of our daily vocabulary!

The crap is so unreliable, that now NEW AILMENTS are being (invented) discovered like SUDDEN EARLY DEATH SYNDROME (SADS)! High functioning athletes are dropping like flies!

Why would anybody play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with their otherwise healthy bodies, and those of their innocent children! Apparently there are now 770 different adverse reactions recorded that relate to Covid injections (ridiculously referred to as "VACCINES").

LIABILITY MUST BE REINTRODUCED for these Bio-weapons designed for depopulation of the planet!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Has anyone here thought to ask what the HALF-LIFE is for these pseudouridine based synthetic mRNA molecules? Because it is NOT a "short time". It is NOT "10hours". It is at least detectable after 8weeks and producing spike up to 110days later.

FDA does NOT know the half-life. Let me repeat that: The FDA does NOT know the half-life for Comirnaty or Modernal vaccine synthetic mRNA.

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