The most safe and effective strategy is to stay away from medical doctors.

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My husband recently had a medical procedure which caused him to bleed internally and also had hematuria. He had to get 4 units of blood transfused. I am a universal donor but they could not/would not allow me to donate due to time it would take to process the blood. now we have no way of knowing if the blood he received from a vaxxed donor or not. Very upsetting as neither of us has been sick at all since late 2019 as we have been taking supplements (Vit D, quercetin, Vit C, zinc, etc.) Is there a test he can take to determine if he has the vax particles (?) in his blood?

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Love your insightful articles. Just a quick question - Why do you keep using the term ,'Vaccines' when the term 'Gene therapeutic injection' would be more appropriate. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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What is the FLCCC's stance and health plan regarding the nanotechnology evident in the blood of those vaxxed and un-vaxxed?

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How can we protect/detox babies and toddlers not yet eating solids?

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Dr. Gustavo Aguirre-Chang



The presence of viruses in the Dental Biofilm indicates that the oral cavity is a potential reservoir for the virus.

Patients with #LongCOVID and #CFS must eliminate dental infectious foci of microorganisms

SARS-CoV-2 RNA in dental biofilms: Supragingival and subgingival findings from inpatients in a COVID-19 intensive care unit


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Recently there’s been two publications that show that Cistus is 100% effective for all current mutations of covid and according to the Chinese literature Covid survives in the tissues of the throat for years after the first bout of Covid.

Many people who experience “Oh my God I have covid again for the sixth time”

It’s not a new type of covid that you got, very rarely, it’s the old covid that was lingering in your throat and you’ve dismantled that mother bed, fortress that the bugs have built there, which when your immune system is down they reinfect you.

You can take the mother load down with Cistus.

It protects itself with BIOFILMS Cistus Incanus is a potent BIOFILM breaker also propolis and other things.

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