By leveraging the EUA; however ridiculous that is, aren’t Pfizer and Moderna just trying to dodge their responsibility for vaccine injury and death?

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We can keep patients alive even if they're disabled for life, but we cannot figure out what exactly is in the vials in full spectrum and cure the damage. I believe this can be done but we have to know what was in the vials. This seems to require an alert victim to put the puzzle together on his or her own time because lab researchers are few and each is restricting examination to only a part of the full spectrum of toxins. And there are alot of doctors who don't do any research at all, and trust the gov that it's merely mRNA, but this is continually failing the patient.

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Sep 17, 2023·edited Sep 17, 2023

Dr. Kory's testimony before Congress was the turning point for me and many others, opening our eyes to the criminal withholding by the U.S. government and OUR OWN DOCTORS of truly safe and effective repurposed drugs to treat the symptoms of a respiratory disease blown all out of proportion by Anthony Fauci & the Deep State in order to perpetrate a depopulating "vaccine" hoax.

I have been a donating follower of the FLCCC ever since.

I'm also happy to have purchased and read Dr. Kory's book, "The War on Ivermectin." He is one of the most important and heroic medical leaders of the past three years.

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Take Your Shot and Shove It!

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Thanks Kathleen!

We both fall into the same trap = I write and post too quick and you read and comment too quick!

It's great that we're on the same page though!

Laugh! = I went for my weekly supermarket grocery shopping today, like most weeks since 2021, I wore one of my controversial tee-shirts with "'EXPERIMENTAL Vax = NO thanks" (front) "Ivermectin works but can't be mentioned" (back).

Obviously, my various 'DEPOPULATING COVID VAX' tee shirts were printed nearly 3 years ago, but the message is still relevant!

I just wonder why don't others show their beliefs like I do?

Best regards! Mick.

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I had to watch 10+ moderna commercials about couf and jabs during the University of Texas Longhorns game😡 So much money pumping propaganda

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The World Health Organisation is totally CORRUPT and is now planning total genocide with their supposed TREATY = take-over of ALL HUMAN HEALTH POLICIES!

Vax makers enjoy IMMUNITY from ALL liability for ALL POST-VAX Injuries and Post Vax DEATHS!

No LIABILITY means, no need for Safety Trials or Efficacy.

No LIABILITY = Vax injuries & VAX DEATHS can be ignored!

No LIABILITY = No analysis is necessary for the vax demised. Just as long as the enormous PROFITS CONTINUE to roll in and the World Population is being systematically reduced.

No LIABILITY = All VAX Contracts exclude Big Pharma from all responsibility. Instead, Governments accept responsibility for VAX RELATED INJURIES and VAX RELATED DEATHS.

What kind of crazy word would allow (encourage) such a deadly but successful risk-free business Plan?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Feel zero guilt or shame here.

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