Wholeheartedly agree! We’ll probably be unable to inject integrity shots into Pharma, but if we inoculated three out of the four entities — Government, Medicine, and Media — with integrity, nine out of ten doctors would call that a CURE.

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I often think how many more would be injured and/or dead without the persistent sharing of knowledge by Flccc.

So many broken hearts as we somehow endure while being aware of the insane inhumanity in plain sight.

You continue to be the brightest beacon of hope.

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Apr 28, 2022·edited Apr 30, 2022

Maybe the SAIVE study will have a different result, since the company behind it wants to make money? "MedinCell (FR) develops a long-acting ivermectin-based drug designed to protect against Covid-19 and its variants" https://www.medincell.com/en/2022/03/28/medincell-inclusion-of-first-participants-in-new-covid-19-prophylaxis-clinical-trial-saive/


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28 Mar 2022

Phase-II clinical trials in COVID-2019 infections (Prevention) in Bulgaria (PO) (NCT05305560) - https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05305560

01 Sep 2021

MedinCell files Clinical Trial Applications in France and other European countries for COVID-2019 infections (Preventions) before September 2021

01 Sep 2021

Medincell plans a phase II trial for COVID-2019 infections (Prevention) in France and Europe (SC,Controlled release)

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Hi dear

My name is Dr. Yousef Icu consultant and head of department

I noticed that you are talking only about ivermectin and it's efficacy and how Pfizer fighting other competitors.

I will not argue with that because i was threatened to be eliminated by Pfizer company after discovering a treatment for COVID-19

My question is do you accept other treatment search proposal?

You can contact me on my email



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