This is a 4-alarm fire for ppl w/autoimmune spectrum and fatiguing disorders—including long covid and vx injury—b/c our diseases aren’t recognized, treated w/specialized medicines. When we present to clinicians most just give us eyerolls. Those of us lucky enough to finding a practitioner who understands our diseases are treated with “repurposed” OLD, SAFE, CHEAP medicines and w/o that we get nothing. We’ve already been abandoned as a class of pts. This is a KILL-SHOT.

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those of us lucky enough to find a practitioner, often bump into one after years of searching; having already given up. this was my experience. on avg it takes 3-5 years to get a dx, and it’s so much worse for vx injury/LC because of political pressure—evident here, for all to see.

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I absolutely adore these capsules and share them all the time in my Substack, which contains headlines and information of all sorts.

For others who share as I do, would you consider providing a "Capsule at a Glance" list of topics -- kind of like the ingredients list on my favorite multi-vitamin bottle. Example (perhaps with links):

Capsule at a Glance:

- Brazen Act of Cowardice: Ohio State Senate Health Committee to pull House Bill 73 (HB73)

- Breast Health and Healing Webinar

- People are Dying at Staggering Rates

- Long Covid Short Double Dose: Muscle Abnormalities & Heart Failure

- 87 Episodes of Long Story Short

- Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

- Long Vax Story Happy Ending

- Third Educational Conference Begins 02/02/24

P.S. I just discovered that every one of those beautiful graphics is clickable to a link on your website with more information, and every bolded paragraph below the graphics has a section link. And I've been reading your FLCCC Capsules for ages. Such cool features -- THANK YOU.

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! We will definitely consider incorporating this great idea! So glad you enjoy— and so frequently share — the news capsule. All the best, JK

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You're most welcome! So happy you like this idea to make the capsules even more shareable for me. What an amazing publication. The graphics, writing, and summaries are just what the doctor ordered and the patient needed.

Everyone at FLCCC has touched my life in so many ways. I feel as though I know you, even though we've never met :-) Your organization is featured in several parts of my compendium of Covid Essential Links (https://eolson47.substack.com/p/covid-essential-links).

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Ohioan here. Although I can't find any OH news about pulling the bill online or any coverage anywhere to understand why it was pulled, it does make me ponder if this had anything to do with it from a political motivation perspective.


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The narrative in the signs these kids hold here is misleading: the blame being placed on religion? It’s science 101. There are two genders. If born male you will always have XY chromosomes even if you change your appearance with hormones/ surgery. If born female, you will always have Two XX chromosomes. It doesn’t matter what you think or believe, these are the facts. If one feels more feminine or more masculine and chooses to present to the world that way, go for it! But it’s not a minor’s right to be mutilated, permanently changed at the expense/ cost of the public period or their parents, without consent. Kids who are kids are not done changing and growing and making permanent change before maturity and accountability, should be considered a criminal act. kids need to know they are being used as guinea pigs, pawns, and no one will in the end have their best interest at heart once the damage is done. the profiteers will have made their money, and washed their hands of them.... it’s sad. I wish kids could see how they are being used and profited from.. this is not compassionate care. This is coming from corporations wanting to profit... they are narcissistic entities with nothing but their stake holders and own financial interest at heart. Wake up kiddos! you are the prey!

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Thank you Dr. Been!

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Jan 29·edited Jan 29

Since I started taking oral EDTA, I've noticed muscle weakness myself, which seems to be getting worse, with more pain and discomfort in my spine, and particularly my neck and arms, with the latter feeling weaker and weaker. I've never had the feeling in my arms that I'm feeling now. I must be releasing a lot of heavy metals, etc., that is causing this, so I hope it's only a Herxheimer reaction and a sign that it's doing some good. I took a break from the EDTA and everything else, and am now taking Methylene Blue (MB), working up from one drop in water once a day. I'm now up to four drops a day, and I notice that, rather than giving me much increased energy, although I do seem to have a bit more energy, it is "knocking me out", though not like EDTA did when I first started taking it. So, hopefully that's a Herxheimer reaction as well. If it gets too bad, I will discontinue the MB post haste. After taking MB for a short while, I'm going to try the Trisodium Citrate that I purchased on Amazon.

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US Senator Stephen A. Huffman's NYT comment: "could it be...?" Well what about could it be that persons of pigmented skin of African, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi etc; heritage are less likely to be able to synthesize Vitamin D by Sun exposure such that their blood levels do not facilitate appropriate an immune response to viral infections? Such people, in fact ALL people, should seriously consider regular Vitamin D supplements to maintain effective immunity.

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....and if Senator Huffman is a medical doctor he should KNOW that this NOT a matter of personal hygiene but a fact of physiologic evolution and that Vitamin D is a FDA approved medicinal product.

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Thank you FLCCC ! Thank you Dr. Been !

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And everyone else on the team, including Dr. Saleeby !

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In the past, every time I would debate government provided and controlled healthcare with democrats, I would bring up the fact that govt should not get between you and your doctor and making and forcing decisions and treatments - or even flat out withholding treatment, they just laughed and said "that would never happen". Well? Hello dems? What have we seen the last 4 years?

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Maybe it is time for doctors in Ohio to start having substantive conversations with representatives about how they can't rely on getting appointments if they arr going to keep poking their GPs in the eye.

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Please prove the virus exists called Covid. Then prove viral infection.Calif. Dept of PH confession: no record of ANY “vax” schedule “virus” or “SARS-COV-2” on Earth being found, purified from “host”

Including veterinary “viruses”

January 27, 2024 newsletter. https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/calif-dept-of-ph-confession-no-record-of-any-vax-schedule-virus-or-sars-cov-2-on-earth-being-found-purified-from-host/

Greetings and Best Wishes,

Before someone could sequence and characterize particles suspected of being a “virus”, and study them with valid scientific controlled experiments to find out if they actually fit the definition of a “virus”, it would be necessary to first find these purported particles where they supposedly thrive/replicate (in sick “hosts”) and purify them.

Many people are now catching onto the fact that these steps have never been carried out and resulted in the successfully demonstration of any purported “virus” in history.

Many institutions where supposed “experts” have fear-mongered over “viruses” and encouraged/coerced people to get tested, traced and/or “vaccinated” are now being put to the test.

The challenge for “the experts” at California Department of Public Health

May 28, 2023:

Robin filed a request under the Public Records Act to the “experts” at California Department of Public Health for:

“All studies and/or reports in the possession, custody or control of the California Department of Public Health describing the purification… of any “COVID-19 virus” (…including any alleged “variants”…) directly from a sample taken from a diseased human, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material”

and the same for:

“any and all “viruses” covered by the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, especially as it applies to children”

and for:

“any and all “viruses” covered by the CDC recommended veterinary vaccine schedule for live stock and companion animals”

Robin noted that she was seeking allsuch records held by the Department regardless of whether they were authored by someone working there or elsewhere, and that if such records were held and were already publicly available, she would like citations.

California Department of Public Health’s “expert” confession:

“CDPH has completed a diligent search and has determined that it is not in possession of records that are responsive to your request. This concludes CDPH’s response to your request, which will now be closed.”

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The invisible hand that drives the economy... stop spending our money on corporation , places who don’t uphold our values. Stop spending time on FB or IG or Youtube if their goal is to silence and distort our voices for their gain/ their survival. Economics 101

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it’s all a facade at this point, and ideal, but not real... our votes unfortunately don’t matter. However, our power is in where we too put our money and time...

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Simple: those who we vote in to represent us, are financed into place by the corporations who only have their financial interests at heart... not the individuals who make up our nation.. Our legislative bodies are mostly bought and paid for by corporations and elite.. so they do the bidding of them

vs us.

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