Let them keep digging holes to bury the truth in.

They'll bury themselves just like all the others in HIStory did.

Keep thinking, keep sharing, keep on keeping ONWARD.

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I've gotten so I don't trust just about anything except my own "anecdotal" experiences. My husband went to a conference where he and his team all got sick. At least one tested positive for covid, (whatever that means) so I figure they all contracted it. My husband took Ivermectin and was pretty much over it in three days (except for a lingering cough). I took one dose of Ivermectin the minute I realized he was exposed. I had to spend all the time he was sick with him in a tiny Airstream as we drove across the country in the winter, so I know I was heavily exposed. I kept waiting for symptoms but it never happened. We are both elderly and unjabbed. One of his group ended up in the hospital, along with his two young children. And he was so excited the day he was finally able to get his children "vaccinated". Tragic.

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Lyl mhalv


U need to test

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? I have no idea what you're saying - but there's no chance I'm going to get tested. I've never developed any symptoms and I'm not giving up any of my biological data unless it's imperative or I'm forced to do so.

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Do you not know about home tests? Geeze

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Are you serious?

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I don't see any reason to get tested. After all the lies about the PCR test, I have no confidence in it. Are they still using it? Do they tell you the number of cycles? Do they still have you stick something (possibly contaminated) up your nose? Or do they have something like a pregnancy test that gives you results on the spot? If I have no symptoms, why would I care? Am I missing something?

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No, you're not missing anything except being instrusively tested for nothin'.

Glad you and hubby did not compromise your immune systems!

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Study. Schmudy.

Who's still subscribing to these pseudo-scientific medical rags?

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"Severely asymptomatic " ROTFL! So why this continuous 5th generation war on ivermectin? Because if it works, they would be guilty of mass murder? Because it has applications in cancer? Maybe even the emerging turbo-cancers? Because it will unzip the whole childhood vaccine business model? (CA is now going to mandate that HVP, if that's the right acronym, for young people) Because it might be known to be "safe and effective" against whatever pathogen they predict will arise? Because they are soulless possessed and demonic lol? All of the above?

I have thought from the beginning, when Dr. Kory went on Dark Horse to try to save lives, that there would one day be an Avenue of the Righteous, like that the Israelis created after the Holocaust, and all of the FLCCC and so many others will have statues or names etched there. Thank you for all you do.

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I was hospitalized for covid went home on oxygen didnt have preexisting conditions prior to covid!

After a year on oxygen 6 specialist( so called) pulmonologist test after test all shuck their heads and said nothing we can do just wait we have no information on covid!!

Well my answer was what happened to research? I was a nurse, i never saw the medical profession act like this. Even if you had a cold they sent you home with something!!

Thank god for my compounding pharmacist referred me to a doctor who gave me Ivermectin within 1 week i was off oxygen!!

I can’t believe how they medical profession changed so radically so fast!! I remember when charting, records went computerized , several doctors told me that would be the end-of healthcare as we know it ! once the government has computerized healthcare there would be one size fits all !!

I still have long covid and SOB but i am off oxygen!

My long covid is probably caused by no care for a year!!

Thank for all you do!! God bless

Except thank God for FlCCC and others

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Those doctors were right! (I saw it as a layman.)

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I am immunocompromised. I was harassed by my drs to get the jab which gave me brain inflammation. Despite continued harassment, I refused another vax. My immunologist has me on ivermectin. I caught covid when I had to unmask at a dental clinic where the hygienist had sick babies at home. Nice. I followed the FLCCC protocol plus the Merck pills. I was overall fine. I mask in public and take my supplements and ivermectin.

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Leighsy your masking has done literally nothing to protect you. Glad you got ivermectin.

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My n95 covered by a halyard level 3 has helped bigly. I have only been unmasked once in the public. You must be a moron. As bad as vaxers.

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Masks don’t work. Don’t blame the baby mama.

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Masks do work. You don’t know what a halyard is, do you. Rotflmbo

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Keep laughing, nothing better. That’s what keeps you from getting Covid, not masking.

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Well here’s one study- says it’s worse than N-95. N -95 don’t work. It’s because he droplets of viruses are so small. I won’t argue- if you feel better wearing it good. But, masks have never been effective against respiratory viruses.

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You don’t have the issues I do. Nor the intelligence. I double mask.

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Sorry I forgot to cite study.

I’m also sorry about your immune problems.

I hope Ivermectin helps you.


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They do this to create their get out of jail card for not allowing Ivermectin to be used earlier in 2020 when it could have ended the "pandemic".

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James Beck: and also not allowed the emergency use vaccine, if Ivermectin was found effective for Covid. It would’ve ruined all plans if power elite cowards. They are still fighting IVM so that tells us that another virus in in the works that IVM will help.

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EU won’t approve the mrna vax due to truncated dna.

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Leighsy- FDA could never approve the vaccines the appropriate, ethical, highly vigilant way they did previous to covid vaccine. They still probably have outstanding requests not complied by Big Pharma. Lots of corruption here for sure. We have to start checking our own meds and food for safety. The trust is GONE.

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The next variant

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Feb 26, 2023·edited Feb 26, 2023

Are you sure you are referencing the correct study to the correct comments by Dr Kory?

I read the study and it’s primary endpoint is listed as 3 consecutive symptomless days. Both arms of the study reached that end point at an average of 11-12 days.

As opposed to what the comments of Dr Kory claim, “a 14 day end point where there was statistical significance but was pushed out to 28 days.”

What am I missing here?

Edit to add:

I watch the video and at 6:35-10:30 he explains the 14 day moved to 28 day is on the October 21, 2023 lower dose study. The study you are referencing here is the Feb 20, 2023 higher dose study which he has different comments on. Same investigators. Almost all vaccinated, delayed giving drug, included patients up to 14 days which is an absolute joke-they would never do that for paxlovid or molnupiravir, and 68% of patients had no or mild symptoms while this is purportedly studying mild to moderate symptomatic people.

You might want to fix your article!

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Thank you FLCCC. The leading voice of light & truth in a world infected with a dreadful evil.

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Hello! Slight correction about Berberine: it is an alcaloid found in many herbs, which is different from being « a Chinese herb »!

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Fake doctor - Fake medical

The news spread almost everywhere that the various leaders in governments simply made a vaccine with water, the placebo.

These days it has emerged that the military and medical sectors benefited from placebos or false proof of vaccination.

The most to undergo the vaccination were teachers and employees.

This data emerged from the collective complaints of these employees.

Of course, there is no data for young people, housewives, the unemployed and the elderly for the obvious reason that they do not have guaranteed economic support.

In the history of cancer it emerges that the remaining years of life are worth the purchasing power of the treatments of the patient and his family.

Approximately 3 years and maximum 5 years.

Treatments that cannot heal because they are antithetical to life as they are toxic and contain substances from petroleum.

Basically every pharmaceutical product has petrochemicals.

Even psychotropic drugs, which are often the cause of induced suicide and created to create the disease and its symptoms of unhappiness.

We see its application with the increase of suicides especially among the armed forces.

Unfortunately they are techniques of manipulation, they are very powerful drugs that immediately become addicted without remedy.

The only remedy is not to take drugs, to stop, and it is important to know how to do it gradually and between 6 months and a year.

For example, if you take 1 pill a day of 100 mg, you will take 80 mg for 3 weeks and then you will take 60 mg for another 3 weeks until you get to 10, and 5 mg and then you decide it's time not to. never take again.

Mine is a personal experience, it will be necessary to take into account that for another 6 months or a year there will be a slight feeling like when we took these demonic toxic state substances subjected to big pharma which knows how to corrupt almost everyone.

The interests are high, huge earners who will invest in robotics and remote medicine just as confirmation that this is not science but business and political / population control.

They are techniques that go back to the military methods of extermination in the world wars.

Pharmacological science likes to state the treatise of Hippocrates which puts faith in the imaginary god of Apollo. Like believing in Santa Claus but evil in truth.

THE WORD OF GOD against satanic pharmaceuticals


Cancer, covid, SARS,

Scientific cure without big pharma




They made a public show of me


Judgment of the Council on "vaccines", prof. Augusto Sinagra: NO ONE GIVES UP


Investigate the transplants, the cremation of too many.


WHO destroys Constitutions and Fundamental Rights


The Drug Story: How Rockefeller Created a Dangerous Pharmaceutical Industry


The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 was a vaccine-caused disease


We demand the visura, the publication of the assets of the high offices, of the judiciary by virtue of transparency


Why do mRNA vaccines alter your DNA? To make you legal property!


Insects as a weapon of destruction


NB: I have been looking for a lawyer and a minimum of visibility for ten years for vital facts, but unfortunately the code of silence serves as ethics and value.

I am a political Christian who has been prosecuted under the bridges of France for years.




Best regards,

Andrea Salvatore Buffa

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Insects as weapons of destruction


Earthquakes and chemtrails in the sky lately


Revelations from the BIBLE against dictatorships






We must demand the visura, the publication of the assets of the high offices, of the judiciary by virtue of transparency


If instead of bullets or atomic bombs the obligatory vaccine for everyone with toxic


The CIA and its massacre protocol



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