Airline analogy - how ironically appropriate. FAA signed off on the newly designed Boeing 737 Max and then suppressed pilot reports of malfunctions. After two tragic disasters, the world grounded the aircraft as an investigation was launched.

Sounds like FAA and FDA share the same working model.

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I did not get on the plane - I knew not to the day they said pregnant women could/should get on the plane. I am a prenatal genetic counselor who now works in human genetics research doing the consent forms and regulatory paperwork and it all felt wrong to me. Nothing new has ever been said to be safe for pregnant women! I called BS. I have type 1 diabetes and went on the FLCCC prevention protocol ASAP and put the rest of my family on it too and I isolated when people in my family were sick. I even left the house three times for 2 weeks at a time. My daughter is a PICU nurse and my husband is an airline pilot. My youngest had the alpha variant at college - the nurse had the delta variant and eventually my husband and I got Omicron and we all went on the early treatment protocol and were fine - for me Omicron was nothing but a head cold for 4 days. Only my husband (the airline pilot) has ironically boarded this plane - because he was trying to protect me :( and his job - he did it without telling me at first. He has not gotten back on the plane since the initial series. I will say of all of us - when he got sick - he was the worst and yet in the best shape other than the college student.

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The pro covid vaccine shills really love their stupid analogies. Comparing to the covid vaccines to seatbelts was another infamous one. Then the 'boost your immune system' the way you charge your cellphone was even more idiotic. Now this 'build the plane while we were flying it' takes the cake. It really reveals how little they care about your life. Planes are grounded if there is a safety concern. But these numbskulls want to fly a plane, while it's not even built, force you to get on it, and then threaten you that'll you lose your job if you don't. That isn't heroism -- in any movie, that'd be the thought process of the villain having his final existential breakdown before trying to take down the entire cast. Can you imagine how insane you have to be to think this is a commendable analogy? Imagine opposing that ridiculous plan and being called "anti-plane" or "anti-flight." The crazy thing is these people would blow a gasket if someone didn't put the right toppings on their burger and decided to improvise. But in their self-righteousness, they see themselves fit to 'just wing it' when it comes to the irreversible consequences of drug manufacturing.

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As always, the FLCCC are champions for all things Covid. They have made profound professional sacrifices to prevent the injuries and deaths from Covid by creating powerful protocols for all phases of this virus. With the conclusions of the recent G20 session, we all have much to fear regarding the proposals to allow the WHO to have full control of the next pandemic. Should their agenda be approved, unvaccinated people would never again be allowed to travel internationally. I encourage the FLCCC and similar wonderful organizations such as the World Council for Health and the Children's Health Defense to do everything in their collective power to get this horrifying message out to the global public. We all believed that we were safe from this type of tyranny and harm after the Nuremberg Trials and medical/ethical rules that were established. Covid has taught us that no longer applies. If that's not enough to wake up the world, I'm not sure anything will. All we can do is support these shining stars who are working tirelessly for the good of every citizen in the world. Until doctors are allowed to be doctors again, every human being is at grave risk. Until Big Pharma is exposed as a criminals that they are, the public will be vulnerable to their ever powerful influence. The practice of medicine should never have been turned into the political arena but unfortunately it has.

The health and wellness of every citizen must never be allowed to be hijacked by the pharmaceutical

industry. They are a metastatic cancer that has invaded almost every aspect of our lives and our culture. If we allow the WHO to gain unlimited control of our wellbeing, we are all doomed.

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The best clinicians currents on the planet. Do not say this lightly. Been on the Earth for some time.

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I understand VAERS is all we have.

What I don't understand is why it is still being used by anyone trying to extrapolate some sort of "believable data.

Hasn't it been shown over and over that it is severely compromised.

"Usually, you start with a small reactor, and then you go to bigger and bigger reactors. We didn't have time to do this"

There was no time because it was a Plandemic.

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Painful consequences for all involved!

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The number one most important factor for determining quality of life on Earth is this:

What kind of system do you live under?

Think about it. If you tell us what kind of systems you live under - from systems of government, medicine, infrastructure, education, community, religion and more - chances are we can predict what kind of life you have.

Let's examine some recent problems: FTX. Voting systems. Medicine. Corruption. War. Homelessness.

It’s our own fault. All of it.

We have embraced the wrong kind of systems that govern over us - centralized ones - and they have become corrupted. It is time to change that. We need to understand and embrace decentralized systems, and fear centralized non transparent ones. And we need to be able to spot the difference.

Can you?

Once we recognize a system has been corrupted, it’s time to bust out the anecdote: TRANSPARENCY and DECENTRALIZATION.

Who wants to be part of a society of problem solvers instead of just complainers? Please, let's talk.

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This Kathrin Jansen also states that 400 people a day are dying in the US of COVID. Once again, inaccurate science.

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Bourla and Bancel, the Wrong brothers ...

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We flew the airplane while we were building it...and who let you take off? Sounds like it wouldn’t pass an inspection. Did passengers realise this when when they paid for the tickets?

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Do you see a pattern?

* See "Courageous Discourse" Substack article about the similarity between FTX, Theranos, and mRNA frauds: https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/elizabeth-holmes-gets-eleven-year

* See "Coffee & Covid" Substack article about TOGETHER trial funding by FTX: https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/c-and-c-news-saturday-november-19

* See Children's Health Defense TV videos "COVID-19, The Nuremberg Code + The Question of Amnesty": https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/events/covid-19-the-nuremberg-code-the-question-of-amnesty/ - two mostly riveting hours

It all ties together! I mean TOGETHER.

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This is mandatory reading for anyone who is even in the slightest bit interested in the health of humanity.

Dr. Meryl Nass also has an excellent article on the suppression of early treatments, and the more factual information the better.

I really appreciated the information in the above update about the FDA's lying in court.

If it wasn't so tragic it would be humorous.

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We all know that IVERMECTIN had to 'disappear' from public view in order to "prove" that no alternative 'CURES' existed for novel viruses. So, the 'ESTABLISHMENT', financially motivated by Big Pharma, denigrated IVM & other long proven SAFE medicines as either 'non- existent', 'dangerous' or only 'for ANIMAL USE'. The CDC & FDA then went along with the SCAM and gave the speedily concocted injectable solutions (called "vaccines") an Emergency Use Approval (EUA). The rest is History.

The vax didn't work, millions died POST VAX and Pfizer made trillions$$$.

World Economic Forum created The New World Order which a product of criminals belonging to that organisation! They intend enslaving those that survive the "Vaccine" CULL!

I formally declare that I reject all decisions emanating from the WEF sponsored 'Bali G20 Summit', especially the stupid vote to restrict all international travel for HEALTHY uninjected persons that studied and understood the dangers and ulterior motives behind the DEADLY depopulating injections called 'vaccines'.

Furthermore, I refute all opinions and determinations reached by the new, UNELECTED UK Prime Minister 'RAT', Sunak who was encouraged, by his new devious WEF boss Adolf Schwab, on how to vote on such matters. I.e. "NO JAB = NO FLY"!

When will they stop giving DEADLY injections, called VACCINES? They're killing millions whilst making fortunes every day they avoid LIABILITY! Common Sense = Reintroduce LIABILITY for Pfizer (& others) & deadly drug makers when POST VAX incidents occur.

Pfizer now regards 'IMMUNITY from LIABILITY' as their 'LICENCE to KILL'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/safety-of-vaccines.html

"COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. COVID-19 vaccines were evaluated in tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials. The vaccines met the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality needed to support emergency use authorization (EUA)."

Reality, from Nature article, "But the mRNA platform wasn’t ready for prime time. There were stability issues, formulation issues, that we needed to solve. In 2020, it was only a research process and it needed to be scaled up. Usually, you start with a small reactor, and then you go to bigger and bigger reactors. We didn't have time to do this. Instead, we just cloned this relatively small-scale research process many times and over multiple sites to get to the capacity to produce billions of doses."

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Have I missed it? I keep hoping to glean some explanation or information from FLCCC on the horrendous allegations made against Simone Gold. Many of us, including myself, have donated hundreds, if not thousands, to your organization -- we deserve an explanation as to what is transpiring here. You could at least post a "status" of all this for your supporters, subscribers, and donors! Right?

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