I’m surprised USA Today would print that op-Ed. That’s more truth than they are used to dealing with. Spicy stuff !

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Not "Why aren't we searching for answers"

The question should be:

"Why aren't we listening to the answers already supplied by those in the know?"

...followed by a few choice quotes.

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The gold-standard randomized clinical trials done by Pfizer and Moderna themselves had a 45% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths with mRNA vaccination compared to placebo, and a net result of "4 killed for every 3 saved" even at the height of the pandemic and at peak vaccine effectiveness.



Plus, there are the Rasmussen polls revealing that shocking percentages of American adults have personally witnessed an unexpected death that they believe was caused by the vaccine specifically. Since these poll respondents would have had direct, detailed, personal knowledge about the deaths that they witnessed, the information from these polls is extremely valuable.



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W.H.O. is killing people? That would be the next question, right? =)

The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the 2024 International PLANdemc Treaty: it’s the definitions!


And then, WHO is behind the W.H.O.?

What’s your best way to wake-up those who don’t want to open their eyes?

Please share your most effective wake-up strategies.

The more the awakened, the sooner this nightmare will be over!

For example, I start with this video (2 minutes):


(caveat: pot destroys your brain… Tom Petty, rest in peace)

9/11: two "planes", yet the third tower (WTC7) imploded like in a controlled demolition. It was out of reach and all 7 World Trade Center towers destroyed, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center... and the owner, with his 2 grown up siblings, failed to show up for work (never skipped work before)… by the way, he took an insurance policy against terrorism, just months before, when no one was taking them. The inside information about the future 9/11 event helped masons make trillions by shorting the stock exchange: the records were deleted by the SEC so they wouldn't be prosecuted !!!:

4 min. (0.75 speed):


Where’s the plane for the 2nd Tower (WTC1)?


Controlled demolition?


Why is 9/11 called a Pearl Harbor event? Both Churchill and Roosevelt were masons and plotted to get the reluctant USA into the war by provoking the Japs and letting Pearl Harbor (left the whole fleet defenseless and concentrated there as an easy candy to be taken from a kid, no radar warning from outer islands, etc.) and MUCH MORE:

Please read and watch all of this! Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population by 2050… written on the masonic Georgia guide-stones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 … ”

- J6: The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!! The same mason-plot was copy-pasted to disband the insurrection against the stolen elections in Brazil! All intel agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) were founded by masons and are run by them for their own nefarious goals.


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same J6 play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



- At least since the 90s, vaccines were weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, dyslexia in 29% of kids, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:


- COVID was designed as a primer for even more lethal COVID haccines:




- Wake up videos:



- It's genocide for depopulation:


- It’s the masons, who create counterfeited currencies (trillions of dollars and EUROS) and bought the listed corporations, media, healthcare, universities, parties and political careers:


Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


Pllllleeeeease, on my knees, don’t believe me, just do your own homework by searching the following in mojeek.com (includes crawl date filter), gigablast.com, startpage.com, duckduckgo.com, and maybe yandex.com (not Google, Bing, Yahoo censors). The key terms to test them? Child Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Satanic Ritual Murder.



PS I'm sorry I'm linking to my own substack. It’s not self-promotion: I couldn’t find better links but if you find anything better, I'd be glad to replace.

If you are a mason or know a mason, ask him to ask his 33° master to put in writing and sign it, who is "the great architect" and that he is not Lucifer. If he refuses, then he’ll know who he is really serving, Satan: tell him to get out of masonry NOW. Sooner or later he’ll be required to trample on a cross to get to a higher degree.

President John Quincy Adams: “Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong - a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

Confessions of a former mason (Serge Abad-Gallardo):


Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


Confession of 33rd degree master mason - Masons worship deities/demons


Masonry's Satanic Connection


Masonry's Satanic Doctrine | From Their Own Books


Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer? Evidence They Don't Want You To See


Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies [1995] [VHS]


Satanic Pedophilia Torture and Blood - Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed




The best way to have a real dialogue about vaccines being weaponized to handicap, infertilize and murder the “over-population” is to start with vaccine contamination: nobody could be in favor of contaminated pharmaceuticals.

1. Carcinogen SV40 in Oral Polio Vaccine: they knew it since the 60s but kept distributing it even until 2016 !!!

2. hCG in vaccines to infertilize women detected since the 90s: still going on

3. Thimerosal, aluminum, Mono-sodium Glutamate (MSG) and other NEUROTOXINS

4. Heavy metals

5. Human DNA 2000% in excess of FDA 10 ng limit (main driver towards autism, leukemia and non-Hodgkin cancer)

6. Graphene oxide in Flu and COVID shots but now with anything injectable (even dentist anesthesia, hospital IV, etc.).

7. SV40 genomic sequences and double-stranded DNA in mRNA COVID shots

8. Bluetooth nano-routers injected with COVID vaccines and inserted with swabs (which explains why they rejected the cheaper non-invasive saliva test).

Proof of criminal intent:

Points 7 and 8

Censoring and blocking 30+ COVID cures

Labeling the most lethal batches with a lethal code (howbad.info)

Blocking the real knowledge of effectiveness v. "adverse event" rate

That proves:

A. There's zero Government control

B. There's zero Manufacturer liability

C. There's zero Media coverage

D. All that, during decades and still going on, not only with vaccines but also with medicines, food&beverage additives, etc. Everything, even institutions have been weaponized!

E. There's zero political action to stop that (except RFK2 in the USA)

A school buddy told me "I know you make sense but if I recognize it's true, I won't be able to enjoy life anymore".

16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


If we don’t succeed, they’ll succeed with their 6-sword lethal plan fully exposed here:


Change goes in hand with the number of awakened! Thank you for sharing this to save lives!

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Aug 11, 2023·edited Aug 11, 2023

Did you watch the video of the millennial feminatzi try to explain away this new, surge of increased deaths in young women on "Healthcare Inequity" and "Racism"? I mean, how dumb do these people think the general public is? I was just left with my mouth aghast after watching her attempt to explain these deaths away on such gibberish. Literally ANYTHING but the experimental "vaccines". Heck, the article even threw Climate Change in there to boot. Wow.

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Aug 11, 2023Liked by FLCCC Alliance

Be sure to click on the links to source data embedded in the USA today article. Even if you don't have time to read all the info on those statistics, click on those source links. That will be included in the stats that USA Today looks at for their articles. Want them to see that this is an article the public is very interested in!!

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Immunosuppression, Immunocompromised, Inflammation…. Leads to destruction, disease and death . Wake up ⬆️ Stand up ⬆️ Say something.

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It Doesn’t Take a Rocket scientist to figure out that the Jab is the cause of the Surge of Fatalities!!!!!

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In my Open Letter to Health Freedom Advocates https://ernestdlieberman.substack.com/p/health-alarm-an-open-letter-to-health, I collect information that:

1. By looking at her patients' blood, in darkfield microscopy, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD and PhD, haș found and published evidence of quantum dots collecting in "bubbles" that produce polymeric fibers (such as from PEG in Pfizer's vax) of the kind morticians are finding.

1a. She also presented evidence that this process converts the Fe2+ in red blood cells into Fe3+, robbing them of the ability to carry oxygen. This makes the blood look like sludge, which she shows.

1b. Quantum dots are nanoparticles that are composed of heavy metals structured to be semiconductors due to quantum mechanical effects, and they emit various colors of light as they are stimulated by EMFs.

2. Many researchers internationally have found graphene compounds in the C19 vax vials using micro-Raman spectroscopy, the standard method for looking for graphene compounds. Ryan Cole didn't use this method and so failed to find graphene oxide in them; not proving GO was absent from the C19 vaxxes.

3. Heavy metals and graphene compounds are toxic in themselves, of course, but Dr. Mihalcea haș also presented evidence that the quantum dots and graphene compounds absorb energy from the ever-growing use and power of EMFs, activating them to do the damage to the blood she is seeing and pictures of which she is publishing.

4. Dr. David Nixon presents photos of what grow in C19 vax samples over time. They look exactly like microchips with wires connecting them. And they fail to grow when the sample is kept in a Faraday cage, which shields the sample from EMFs. Clearly, these structures can only come from very advanced nanoparticle technologies getting energy from EMFs.

5. Dr. Mihalcea haș found and presents evidence that IV EDTA plus nutritional supplements has cleared damaged blood of sludge, fibers, microclotting, Rouleaux, and more, indicating that the toxic heavy metals are key parts of what is damaging human blood.

6. I present a long list of nutritional supplements and other ways to detoxify and protect blood, useful either to help prevent or minimize the damage to blood, or to protect blood after it has been cleared. This is based on my 50 years' trial and error study and practice of nutrition to cope with how the Swine Flu shot of 1976 ravaged, and continues to attack, my body (by greatly exciting my immune system so it does all sorts of damage--probably similar to what C19 vaxxes are also doing.)

5a. As some people are much less nutritionally endowed with these natural detoxifiers, they are likely to be the ones who are falling first, but the continuing push for LNP mRNA vaccines, especially in children, and the spread of EMFs, portend worse and worse to come.

5b. For "unvaccinated" people are also showing damaged blood, as Drs. Mihalcea and Welbergen of the UK show. Extensive shedding of nanoparticles is indicated.

7. I propose that by showing damage to human blood and linking it to the LNPs (QDs, Graphene compounds, PEG and similar polymers) that are in vaxxes and other medical and dental products (demonstrated by Dr. Mihalcea and Dr. David Nixon), Health Freedom Advocates can move large numbers of people to push to ban the LNP mRNA platform. Otherwise, the present people falling ill and dying are like "canaries in the coal mine" showing what can/will happen to the rest of us.

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USA today readers would probably retort with, “climate boiling”.

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We have known from the beginning that the production of the most dangerous part of the Sars Covid 2 virus, the viral protein spikes are the most dangerous part of the virus. With the MRNA shots designed to protect these "vaccines" from being destroyed by the body - it is anyone's guess as to how long these dangerous spikes will continue to be produced. We know that there has been excessive mortality directly as a result of these shots (never were a true vaccine). The numbers of young, vibrant men and women - often athletes who just dropped dead shortly after receiving these shots has been documented. Only those totally invested in Main Stream Media lies and coverup have failed to see this. Fauci, the heads of the CDC and all responsible for this initial lie and continuing lie should be made to face justice. RFK's book "The Real Anthony Fauci" should be required reading.

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"two weeks turned into three years

and the lies kept piling up, one dead body after another"


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Great job getting this into the mainstream! Think it will be effective nudging more 'normies' to ask questions and demand answers. Masterful writing -- crafted to make it clear young people are dying, setting the timeframe and planting the question without mentioning the V word. Sure if vaccines were mentioned, that many would stop reading when their 'anti-vax' bias kicked in. You gave them questions they won't easily be able to dismiss.

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As the Ethical Skeptic says on twitter...Folleagues know.

Extremely well crafted article; had it mentioned the most logical cause, it wouldn’t have been printed. I hope readers’ curiosity is peaked, and that the truth wins out.

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Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers on you tube has been discussing the effects on human beings from the ongoing magnetic pole shift. This would be an area of investigation for you to explore. Civilization has very few references for this new phenomenon but it all makes sense.. You could contact him....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ImAg8FUcc

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The spike in deaths is the consequences of both the scamdemic and the bioweapon. If the fear campaign didn't kill you, then the needlerape will...

Did the article discuss the other side of the depopulation ScKamala, the dead babies and those that never were born?

I can't read USA today. Bad enough I'm forced to live in it.

Regards from killafornia, the Gavin killed us all state

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